Gus Hansen Misses Full Tilt Match Against Viktor Blom

September 19th, 2014 | by Greg Shaun
Gus Hansen no show vs Viktor Blom

In the Shadows: Did Gus Hansen avoid his Full Tilt match with Viktor Blom because of his $20 million online losses? (Image:

Gus Hansen is a man who is seemingly afraid of nothing when it comes to online poker. However, after missing a much-publicized Full Tilt heads-up match last Sunday, the Dane’s mettle was called into question. Despite being scheduled to square off against Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom in a high-stakes match, the Danish pro failed to ante-up.

Railbirds Left with a No Show

The Full Tilt match was set to take place on Sunday evening and follow a “best of three” Sit&Go format. Offering a twist on previous matches, this particular challenge was made up of three poker disciplines: 2-7 Triple Draw, Stud Hi/Lo and No Limit Hold’em. Moreover, waiting for the two players at the end of the match-up was a $50,000 prize, as well as the pleasure (or horror) of hearing the loser sing the winner’s national anthem.

However, in a move rarely seen in online poker, Gus Hansen failed to turn on his computer; a situation which threatened to ruin the entire show. However, as the railbirds gathered in anticipation of an eventual showdown, the organizers frantically tried to find a late replacement who didn’t mind taking on the mighty Blom.

In Steps Cody

Fortunately, Jake Cody bravely stepped into the fray to take on the Swedish star. Despite tweeting that it would be “epic” to beat Blom, the British pro was unable to triumph. After holding his own in the non-Hold’em rounds, it was the NLHE showdown that proved to be Cody’s undoing after he “snap busted” just a few minutes after the start of play.

As his dream of winning $50,000 slipped away with the last of his chips, a dejected Cody thanked the rail for their support before he slipped off to limber up his vocal chords. Although we don’t know Mr. Cody personally, it’s probably a safe bet that he doesn’t know the Swedish national anthem, which means that his rendition should make for interesting viewing when it’s finally released.

Why Didn’t Gus Hansen Show?

After Hansen failed to show up for his match with Blom, the poker community began to speculate as to where he was.

While some suggested he may have been indulging his other passions, namely squash and backgammon, the most popular theory is that he didn’t want to lose any more money. According to HighStakesDB, when it comes to online poker, Gus Hansen is the biggest loser in history, with a loss topping $20 million.

In fact, at the time of this writing, Hansen’s exact deficit over the course of 1,566,134 hands equals $20,395,597. Not only is that figure impressive in itself, but it beats the combined losses of the next three biggest losers (‘noataima’, ‘lady marmelade’ and ‘patatino’ – combined losses = $19,624,658) which reportedly belong to Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Laliberte.


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