Sick Bluff Earns Filipe Oliveira Partypoker Caribbean Poker Party Title

November 19th, 2018 | by Brian Corlisse

Filipe Oliveira has won the Partypoker Caribbean Poker Party main event and become $1.5 million richer after beating Craig Mason heads-up at The Bahama’s Baha Mar Resort.

Filipe Oliveira Partypoker Poker Party

Filipe Oliveira (left) mounts and impressive comeback to win the Partypoker Caribbean Poker Party main event. (Image: Partypoker/Flickr)

Heading into the final day of the $5,300 tournament, Portugal’s Oliveira was off the pace and looked as though he’d have to settle for a consolation prize. A series of unfortunate breaks with just six players left meant the emerging pro had to dig deep to become the second high-profile winner in the Caribbean this year.

Triple Delight Puts Oliveira Back On Course

Oliveira’s break came after a desperate all-in with K♥6♣. After being called in two spots, the young player watched as a 6♦ on the flop secured him a timely triple up and put him back in contention.

Another fortunate board a few hands later put Oliveira in a position to challenge for the title. However, with America’s Mason holding the chip lead heads-up, it was going to take something special from Oliveira to walk away with the title.

That something special eventually came courtesy of a well-timed bluff. Re-raising his opponent pre-flop with 4♣2♣, Oliveira fired a second bullet on a 2♥6♠A♣ flop before making a third move as the K♦ fell on the turn.

Despite pairing his king, Mason went into the tank, weighing up Oliveira’s range before laying down the best hand. With a smile, the Portuguese player flashed the 4♣ before raking in the most important pot of the Partypoker Caribbean Poker Party main event.

Bluff Breaks Mason

After stealing the chip lead and momentum from Mason, Oliveira sealed the deal with A♥9♥. As both players paired their nine on the flop, all the money went in, leaving Mason needing to hit a king to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

On this occasion, it wasn’t to be as a blank turn and river meant the American went home as a valiant runner-up and $1.2 million richer. For Oliveira, the victory not only capped off an impressive comeback but stands as his biggest win to-date.

Commenting on the bluff that swung the match, the latest Partypoker Live champion told media it was a risky move that could have ended in disaster.

Partypoker Caribbean Poker Party Main Event Result

1. Filipe Oliveira – $1,500,000
2. Craig Mason – $1,200,000
3. Marc MacDonnell – $1,000,000
4. Pascal Hartmann – $800,000
5. Konstantin Maslak – $600,000
6. Diogo Veiga – $400,000
7. Alex Turyansky – $300,000
8. Joe Kuether – $218,500
9. Alex Lynskey – $155,000


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