Sheldon Adelson Continues Quest to Take Freedoms Away from Online Poker Players

November 1st, 2015 | by Kaycee James
Sheldon Adelson Online Gambling Hater.

Sheldon Adelson continues to fight hard against online gambling, taking his act to Pennsylvania. (Image:

One thing is certain about Sheldon Adelson.

He sticks to his guns.

The man that has irritated the poker community for years is continuing his valiant effort to ensure citizens aren’t given the right to play poker online, in a country that wasn’t built on controlling its citizens freedoms.

Adelson, the incredibly wealthy Las Vegas casino magnate, is continuing his fight against online poker in America.

This time, he’s taking his greedy act to Pennsylvania, which just so happens to be the next state in line on the verge of legalizing iPoker.

Being wealthy has its perks in America, and Adelson has no shame when it comes to using his money to try to get his way.

The 83-year old billionaire has lined the pockets of powerful politicians for years, donating millions of dollars.

The purpose of his donations is, in most cases, to support his anti-online poker cause.

As the owner of a casino mega resort in Las Vegas, Adelson doesn’t want to lose business to online gambling sites, although there is no statistical evidence proving Internet poker is detrimental to a casino’s bottom line.

Paul Ryan Adds Anti-Gambling Staffer

New US Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has announced his new Chief of Staff will be Dave Hoppe.

This hiring should be concerning to the poker community.

Hoppe is an avid supporter of the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, an organization started by Sheldon Adelson.

Preventing anti-gambling lawmakers from getting elected is crucial to the poker industry.

Poker revenues have dropped in the United States significantly since Black Friday in 2011. Legalizing online poker across America would increase the game’s popularity.

The addition of Hoppe to Ryan’s staff is good for Adelson’s cause. Bad for poker. Politicians such as Hoppe are opposed to a poker carve-out in anti-online gambling bills. They either don’t consider poker a game of skill or don’t care.

Adelson Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The good news for Pennsylvania poker players is the state is getting close to passing legislation that would make licensed poker sites legal. The bad news is Adelson has already brought his anti-Internet gambling coalition to Pennsylvania to fight back.

Whether Adelson’s efforts to prevent online poker sites from legally operating in Pennsylvania will be successful remains to be seen. But, if nothing else, he could prevent poker sites from launching in the state early in 2016.

Adelson is persistent. He has, for years, strongly opposed any forms of online gambling, even games of skill, and won’t give up fighting the good fight until the federal government prevents all 50 states from legalizing online gambling.

The Venetian in Las Vegas, owned by Sheldon Adelson, has one of the most popular poker rooms in Sin City.

However, many poker players refuse to give Adelson business. It’s hard to blame them.


  1. edward says:

    This corrupt rich son of a bitch needs to go away. He is against every free, liberty minded American with his rantings and HUGE hypocrisy. I used to lean Republican until I discovered so much of the party was run and controlled by these types of charlatans. As a poker player, I will never play at any of his properties. *&%( Him!

  2. Daniel Deilgat says:

    Its a serious mistake to believe and promote inaccurate opinions about Adelson’s intentions towards internet gambling and poker.

    To infer hat Adelson has no other agenda but to take freedoms away from online poker players is far fetched, irresponsible and downright reckless.

    Because one is a formidable opponent doesn’t make them tyrants.

    Adelson has some valid points and the only reason why the poker industry scoffs at his claims is because the industry itself is not prepared to bring about changes that would better protect players and their money.

    The industry itself is highjacked by many different scams that poker sites operators refuse to bring to light for obvious reasons, they would loose most of their business.

    If poker sites operators want to prove Adelson wrong, they need to clean their own houses first.

    We see more and more changes being implemented in an industry wide attempt to clean the games of cheaters, predators and better protect the integrity of players identities.

    Thats the influence that Adelson has brought about and wether you like it or not, you were told to clean your room so, get at it.

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