iPoker’s New Software Goes Live

October 15th, 2015 | by Brian Corlisse
New iPoker Software goes live.

The iPoker Network rolls out its new look software on three sites after 6 months’ worth of development. (Image: PokerStrategy/bet365)

The iPoker Network, a network that’s traditionally fallen short of player’s expectations in terms of software, is in the process of rolling out a new interface.

Originally announced in February 2015, the software overhaul has taken just over six months’ worth of work and can now be seen on three networked platforms.

Working alongside PokerStrategy, an iPoker owned training site, the network’s developers have listened to input from players and created a modern platform that’s on trend with products such as Windows 10.

Comprised of app-style widgets and tiles instead of tabs containing endless lists of table data, the new software went live on bet365, William Hill and Coral late last week and, so far, the community’s response appears to be positive.

Although the software has been available to test on a number of platforms over the last few months, the process was closed to the general public.

However, after successfully eliminating many of the platform’s major bugs, iPoker initiated the first in a series of launches set to take place over the coming weeks.

So what’s on offer inside iPoker’s new interface?

As stated, one of the main differences players will notice when then log into the system will be the dashboard structure.

Instead of traditional tabs and scrolling menus, players will be able to find games through a tile system.

Similar to the set-up used by Windows 10 (a structure derived from modern Smartphones), the search function is said to be cleaner, clearer and more efficient.

Additionally, the use of icons has made it easier to find common functions such as settings, bonuses, account options and table stakes.

Beyond the lobby as a whole, iPoker’s new product will also give players instant access to their own playing stats; much like some third-party products currently do (software which is gradually being outlawed by operators).

iPoker Breaks the Mold

Instances of online poker sites completely restructuring their software from the ground up are rare.

Unlike other poker operators that have taken a reactive approach to player feedback, iPoker has used a proactive strategy and actively engaged players at the start of the design process to ensure all their needs are met.

Back in 2014 PokerStars added a host of new features to its platform rebranded it as PokerStars 7; however, it was more up an upgrade than an overhaul.

In fact, although the new software addressed issues such as lobby jumps (instances of tables moving unexpectedly under the weight of traffic) and included new feature such as inbuilt newsfeeds, it is a far cry from the work carried out by the iPoker Network.


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