Samantha Abernathy Shows Dan Bilzerian How It’s Done and Wins Her Cycling Prop Bet for $10K

March 14th, 2016 | by Greg Shaun
Samantha Abernathy Dan Bilzerian cycling prop bet

Samantha Abernathy completes the Las Vegas to Los Angeles cycle ride, giving Dan Bilzerian hope he can do the same. (Image: WPT/

Dan Bilzerian could be onto a winner in his $1.2 million prop cycling bet with Bill Perkins, if the exploits of Samantha Abernathy are anything to go by.

Back in February, Bilzerian and Perkins each committed $600K towards a prop bet which requires the former to cycle 320 miles from his home in LA to the Las Vegas welcome sign in just 48 hours before March 31.

Such was the magnitude of the bet that a number of celebrities chimed in, and Bilzerian was eventually offered some help from the most disgraced Tour de France ex-winner of all time, Lance Armstrong.

Bilzerian to Learn from Abernathy

Even before Bilzerian was able to soak up some knowledge from one of the top cyclists of all time, albeit one stripped of all his titles over a doping scandal, he was buoyed by the performance of Abernathy.

The professional poker player from Las Vegas, who earned her first live tournament score in 2014, recently agreed to complete the 320 mile Vegas to LA route (she had to do it the opposite way to Bilzerian) in 72 hours.

With $10,000 of Bilzerian’s money waiting for her at the finish line, Abernathy set off from Sin City on Friday, and completed the journey on Sunday with an impressive three hours to spare.

Posting the final stages of the ride on Twitter, Abernathy received a wave of congratulatory tweets, as well as a slightly concerned question from Perkins.

“How long?” tweeted Perkins.

According to Abernathy, she managed to finish in 69 hours, but only rode for two to three hours on Friday because of a major storm that included massive winds and some rain.

Without the storm roadblock, she believes her time would have been a lot faster: possibly even below the 48-hour mark.

Extra Assistance from Armstrong

Trying to brush it off, Perkins wrote that she’d “smoke Dan in a race,” but it’s clear the millionaire businessman is slightly concerned that he could soon be hit with a $600,000 bill from Bilzerian.

In fact, to bolster his chances of success, Bilzerian has enlisted the help of Armstrong in his last few days of training (he now has only two weeks left to take off). On Monday, he posted a short video of his training routine with the fallen champ.

Although the exact details of the pair’s exploits have been kept under wraps, we do know that Armstrong flew into LA late last week just to work with Bilzerian.

There’s no doubt that Bilzerian still has a mountain to climb (or ride, as the case may be) if he’s going to complete the 320-mile grueling journey in just 48 hours.

Armstrong will need to work his magic with the Instagram King, who isn’t necessarily famous for his incredibly healthy or athletic lifestyle. Whether any post-race drug testing will be involved, given both of the guys’ track records with substances other than coffee, has not been publicly addressed as of yet.


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