Russian Online Poker Site Pokerdom Strips Game Down to Its Basics with Hot Models

May 24th, 2015 | by Brian Corlisse
Pokerdom strip poker Russian models

Sex sells: three Russian models will remove their clothes as part of a new online poker promotion in Russia. (Image: @bilyalova_s)

Russian-facing pokersite Pokerdom is proving that no matter how cold it may be there, time-honored credos of advertising are universal.

The old saying that “sex sells” appears to be one that the Russian online poker site is taking about as literally as possible with its newly introduced strip poker promotion.

Despite being a relative minnow in global terms, Pokerdom has a steady stream of players as well as its own sponsored pro in the form of Anatoly Filatov, aka “NL-Profit,” but it’s hoping this latest promo will push it into the spotlight.

Although Filatov is ranked among the top 15 players in Russia and the top 300 worldwide according to the GPI, those credentials aren’t enough for Pokerdom’s latest plans. Interested in driving more traffic to the site, the marketing wizards have decided to fuse strip poker and actual poker in a “sexy” new promotion.

Stacks Equal Clothes

According to the promo’s description, poker lovers can take part in a strip poker game with three of Russia’s allegedly hottest models: Svetlana Bilyalova, Aleksandra Markina and Aiza Dolmatova. You’ve heard of them, right?

All highly attractive and seemingly confident in both their assets (yes, we went there) and their poker ability, the three models will be on hand to play a special tournament with a selection of qualifiers.

To get an eyeful of the bodacious bluffers, players will need to take part in a series of satellites, through which eight players will gain access to one of three finals, the first of which will take place on May 24. Entry to the satellites is free and, for anyone that makes it through to a finale, the aim of the game is simple: “get her stripped.”


As per the rules of the game, the model must remove an item of clothing each time she loses her stack and she will be allowed two rebuys during the game. Overall, this means the model has three items of clothing at risk; however, how many clothes they’ll be wearing at the start is unclear.

After all, the average year-round temperature in Russia is 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dan Bilzerian Marketing 101

In terms of poker promotions, this one is certainly more risqué than most. In fact, it seems like something poker’s anti-hero, Dan Bilzerian, would have dreamed up. The American playboy is known for hosting lavish poker parties filled with scantily clad women and it could be the case that the marketing department at Pokerdom studied Bilzerian’s methods before launching the promotion.

Is this the type of exposure the poker industry really needs? Probably not, but in an increasingly competitive market, a small-time operator can’t be blamed for wanting to trying something different. Although it’s unlikely that sites like PokerStars will be pushing the sex angle during its next promotion, the tactic could pique the interest of marketing experts if it manages to gain some traction.


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