Presidential Hopeful Marco Rubio Supports Online Poker Carve-Out from iGaming Ban

October 31st, 2015 | by Greg Shaun
Marco Rubio RAWA Online Poker

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio supports Sheldon Adelson’s RAWA act to ban online gambling, but is in favor of carving out online poker. (Image:

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio is opposed to Internet gambling, and has said he will push to make sure it remains illegal.

However, he isn’t opposed to the legalization of online poker.

As Rubio continues his rise to the top of the GOP polls, he has taken on a strong stance against online gambling, which is a traditional conservative viewpoint.

Sharing that viewpoint is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

The owner of the Venetian in Las Vegas has proposed the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) to Congress.

This bill, if passed, would eliminate the possibility of any state legalizing online gambling.

Adelson isn’t afraid to use his massive bankroll to his advantage in getting his way. He’s been known to line the pockets of politicians, so long as they vote in favor of anti-online gambling bills.

Adelson is the most vocal and strongest opposition for those fighting to legalize online poker. Many poker players refuse to play at Venetian due to Adelson’s incessant fight against all forms of Internet gambling.

Some would even say Adelson is far too obsessed with this issue.

Adelson disagrees with Rubio on the Internet poker issue.

While Rubio supports carving out poker from RAWA, Adelson remains in denial that poker is a game of skill and wants all forms of gambling included in the bill.

RAWA a Far-Fetched Dream?

Slowly but surely, individual states are hopping on board, legalizing online poker. Each state has a right to bring forth a bill that would allow licensed poker sites to operate within the state boundaries.

Most states have yet to pass such legislation, but things are looking up for the poker community.

Currently, New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware offer licensed, regulated online poker sites. Pennsylvania appears to be next in line. California poker advocates made a strong push for legislation in 2015 but were unsuccessful.

RAWA is a federal bill that would prevent any state from legalizing any form of online gambling.

Although Adelson spends countless hours, and dollars, trying to get congress to pass his bill, it appears to be nothing more than a silly Sheldon Adelson fantasy.

A federal Internet gambling ban is about as likely, if not less likely, as a federal bill that legalizes Internet gambling in all 50 states. Adelson has more money than he could ever spend, but money will only get him so far.

Why Rubio Supports iPoker Carve-Out

According to Rubio and anyone that is being honest, poker is a game of skill. Other forms of gambling, as Rubio has stated, are games of chance or luck. Therefore, Rubio says he will support a RAWA carve-out for iPoker.

Thousands of poker players around the United States have spent countless hours fighting for the right to play poker online.

If they want to see positive action taken in the coming years, they had better speak out in support of presidential candidates that support online gambling.


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