Poker Players Alliance Applauds Andrew Lichtenberger Support

February 19th, 2015 | by Kaycee James
Andrew Lichtenberger PPA support

American poker pro Andrew Lichtenberger, known as LuckyChewy on the virtual felt, has thrown his support behind the PPA and its fundraising efforts. (Image: WPT)

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) has just recruited an influential new figure to help support its push for legalized iGaming across the US. Andrew Lichtenberger, known online as LuckyChewy, was one of the early high-stakes stars in the Internet world.

Back when online poker was at its peak, he was a regular on the virtual felt. In fact, on any given day, he could be found squaring off against the likes of Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Brian ‘sbrugby’ Townsend for pots worth in excess of $50,000.

Given the role Lichtenberger played in the formative years of the online poker industry, it seems fitting that he’s now dedicating some of his time to the future of the community.

After agreeing to support the PPA, Lichtenberger met with the organization’s marketing director Drew Lesofski last week to discuss how he can give something back to a game that’s given him so much (money).

Lichtenberger’s Call to Action

After discussing various options, Lichtenberger agreed to help raise funds for the PPA and immediately began corralling support from his fellow pros.

In a Twitter call to his peers, the poker pro asked those who love the game to make a donation to the PPA. Not only that, but the American player also asked for ideas and suggestions for how the PPA can continue to fight for the iGaming industry in the US.

“Poker has granted me many positive experiences and I look forward to help fundraising for the @ppapoker at our events with other pros to make a positive change and share the game we love. If any pros want to get involved catch up with me as I’ll be meeting with Drew again to organize events to raise awareness for online poker,” wrote Lichtenberger.

Helping the PPA to Fight On

Since its inception, the PPA has worked hard to fend off attacks from politicians, anti-online poker companies, and Sheldon Adelson.

In fact, at the close of 2014, the PPA was part of the effort that ultimately led to the dismissal of RAWA during the Lame Duck period. That campaign, combined with many others, has made the PPA the leading voice of support for grinders in the US.

Until now, however, the PPA has lacked a recognizable voice to help raise its profile.

Lichtenberger is the first high-profile player to use his standing in the game to help the organization and that could spark a new wave of pro support for the pro-online poker collective.

About the Poker Players Alliance

The PPA is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2005 for the purpose of promoting the virtues of online poker and pushing for “favorable laws that provide poker players with a secure, safe and regulated place to play” in the US.

Through a range of campaigns and daily action plans, the PPA advises players on the best ways to raise awareness about the industry and project a positive image to members of Congress.

Today, the PPA is headed by Executive Director John Pappas, and has more than one million members. Since its formation, the PPA has also earned supported from many of the leading online poker operators, as well as political organizations across the US that are opposed to the restriction of iGaming on both a federal and state level.


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