Poker Fight Breaks Out In Casino After $40,000 Pot

May 14th, 2015 | by Greg Shaun
Two poker players fight inside Harrah's New Orleans poker room.

Two poker players exchanged punches inside Harrah’s New Orleans after $40,000 exchanged hands. (Image:

Just over a week ago boxing fans paid thousands of dollars to watch Floyd Mayweather hug Manny Pacquiao for 36 minutes; however, if they had waited and traveled to New Orleans, they could have seen more action for free.

Earlier this week a video showing two men exchanging punches during the middle of a poker tournament surfaced online.

Posted on Facebook post by Trevor Winstead, the video shows one man at the table being verbally attacked by a much larger guy.

After a brief back-and-forth, the man standing up throws a punch and within seconds the two are fighting.

Punches Thrown

After an initial attack, the man originally sitting at the table gets the upper hand and eventually restrains his opponent until he decides to leave the casino.

The video soon went viral and with people beginning to ask questions, those present during the incident gave their version of events via 2+2.

According to ‘WittyName26’, the fight took place because the man in red won $40,000 from someone reported to be Eric Fields.

Having lost $40,000, it’s been suggested that the man who threw the first punch, allegedly Jonathan Sharp, did so because Fields asked him to.

“Goon: Jonathon Sharp.

$40k loser: Eric Fields.

The 40k loss was over two hands during a shorthanded session,” wrote ‘WittyName26’ on 2+2.

Who Ordered the Hit?

Although the account by ‘WittyName26’ hasn’t been verified, a number of commentators have backed up the story. If it is true, then Fields may have some questions to answer when he next antes up on the live tournament circuit.

According to the WSOP database, Fields has three Circuit titles to his name, including one he earned in New Orleans back in 2013.

Moreover, the American grinder has a handful of cashes in WPT and WSOP events which suggests he is anything but an amateur.

Fortunately, the fight was over almost as quick as it started, but not before everyone involved learned that you should never mess with someone riding a wave of positive variance.

Best Poker Room Fights

When the red midst descends and tilt takes control, the usual outcome is someone throwing their chips around in a reckless fashion.

However, there are times when the things being thrown take another form and in the videos below we’ve found some of the most shocking incidents captured on film.

In fact, it’s not only amateurs that have exchanged punches in the past. Chino Rheem, who is infamous for putting people on tilt, was also once involved in a heated exchange inside the famous Bobby’s Room inside the Bellagio.


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