Phil Galfond’s Iconic Indoor Slide Could be Yours for $15,000

March 8th, 2017 | by Brian Corlisse

Phil Galfond’s infamous indoor slide could be yours if you’ve got a spare $15,000 in your bankroll.

Phil Galfond slide for sale.

Phil Galfond and the iconic slide has been taken out of his old apartment and put on sale for $15,000. ( Moving Pictures)

The iconic slide, which Galfond had custom-made for his penthouse apartment in New York City, caused a stir both inside and outside the poker community when it was first pictured.

However, after he sold the property (which was actually two penthouse apartments he’d connected via the slide) in 2012, the new owner decided to take it out.

According to Curbed New York, the anonymous buyer had sold his software company and wanted to relocate to the city’s East Village.

After agreeing to buy the apartment for $3.3 million, the new owner said he would dismantle the slide and donate it.

Slide Stays Longer than Anticipated

Quite what happened between 2012 and March 1 2017 is unclear, but it seems the owner may have had a little more fun with the slide that he first assumed he would.

Despite his broker, Elizabeth Kee, telling Curbed New York that he planned to renovate and give his friends one chance to use the slide, it remained in place until that start of March.

An ad on Craigslist says the “custom-made stainless steel” slide was “recently dismantled” and is now “sitting in storage.”Although Galfond had the Turrett Collaborative designed piece made for his apartment, the seller has said it could also be used as a pool slide or for a tree house.

Anyone that wants the slide will not only have to pay the $15,000 asking price, but pick it up from the Borden Avenue property of arrange for delivery with the seller. Either way, paying for a piece of iconic poker memorabilia looks as though it would be the easiest part of the deal.

Galfond Moving on from the Golden Days of Poker

As for Phil Galfond, his days of playing on a slide in between high stakes sessions online are long gone. Thanks to Black Friday shutting down online poker in the US back in 2011, Galfond was forced to rethink his presence in the poker community.

Although he’s still an active player, he isn’t seen as frequently in high stakes games online as he used to be. Back when online poker was at its peak between 2003 and 2010, Galfond was one of the top players.

On top of achieving success at the No Limit Hold’em tables, Galfond became known as “the” guy at Pot Limit Omaha tables.

On Full Tilt alone he won $6,599,839 under the moniker OMGClayAiken and he used that success to go on and win two WSOP bracelets and $2,339,619 in the live tournament arena. Today, with the game not what it was, Galfond has focused his energy on the business side of poker.

In addition to his training site, Raise It Once, Galfond announced in 2016 that he is in the process of opening a real money poker site. Set to be affiliated with Run It Once, Galfond wants the site to cater to players and reward them for their time online.

Outlining his plans in a blog post that outlined his discontent with the direction some established operators have been moving, Galfond said he wanted to provide a better experience for players.

Although he stopped short of saying when the site would go live, it’s clear he’s now consumed with the business of poker rather than the game itself.


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