Partypoker Rolls Out Game Changing Mobile Updates

November 27th, 2019 | by Jason Reynolds

Partypoker has grand plans to take over the mobile gaming arena with a series that updates designed to create a more entertaining app.

Partypoker mobile

Partypoker is set to introduce a host of mobile updates, including a new social gaming currency known as Diamond. (Image: Partypoker)

Announced on November 25, phase one of the mobile update sees a host of new features added to its iOS and Android platforms.

According to Partypoker’s Head of Product, the changes are designed to improve the customer experience and make the software a “best-in-class” proposition.

New Spin on SPINS

Heading the list of improvements are changes to the operator’s three-handed lottery-style games, SPINS. As well as being able to play four games at once, the update supports “one-handed gameplay” and portrait layouts.

Also added to the mix will be enhanced graphics, emoji-based animations and bubble chat.

By making the dynamics more suited to mobile devices, Partypoker hopes to make it easier for players to get more from the games.

Commenting on the update, Partypoker Team Online representative Jaime Staples said the tweaks have brought the software in line with modern mobile apps.

“Being able to play with one finger is something I have never had the chance to experience before. It’s so simple and intuitive,” Staples said.

In addition to overhauling SPINS tournaments, Partypoker has introduced a new currency known as Diamond. Similar to credits used in popular video games, Diamonds allow players to unlock special powers.

Diamond Updates from Partypoker

As part of the initial rollout, Diamonds can be used to throw objects at opponents. That’s something casual gamers will be used to thanks to products such as PokerStars VR.

Diamonds can also be used to rabbit hunt. Popular in live games, rabbit hunting allows players to see undealt community cards.

With curiosity often getting the better players, especially novices, this feature is another push to entice casuals.

Indeed, while the overall goal is to create a mobile poker product that suits everyone, the underlying intention is clear. By incorporating what could be described as “fun features” such as throwing objects, the developers are aiming the product as novices and gaming fans.

This strategy feeds into recent innovations such as the ban on tracking software. Creating an environment that promotes entertainment and reduces predatory practices is something Partypoker executives believe will boost traffic.

That may well prove successful as Statista predicts the mobile gaming population will top 2.7 billion by 2021. Between this and the current fluidity of online poker’s rankings, Partypoker bosses will want the app to make an impact.


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