Partypoker Removes Anonymity as Real Name Tables Go Live

July 29th, 2019 | by Greg Shaun

Partypoker has started to roll out its latest software update which gives players the option to use their real names instead of online monikers.

Partypoker real name tables

Partypoker is hoping to lift the lid on cheats by allowing players to show their real identity instead of nicknames.

The change came into effect on July 25. According to a post on the Partypoker blog, the new feature will help reduce cheating and create a “community feel”

Real Names Gradually Making an Appearance

However, the initial rollout appears to be a gradual one. Over the weekend, members of media site Pokerfuse Pro spotted some of the new real name tables at the micro-stakes level.

The games were then removed from the lobby. Seeking clarification, Partypoker told the site that the changes will be fully deployed once its mobile apps are updated.

While players wait for the new capabilities to manifest themselves, the community at large will be contemplating the impact of real names. Since the birth of online poker, nicknames have become an integral part of the industry.

Indeed, players such as Viktor Blom (aka Isildur) were able to shroud themselves in mystery and create almost legendary personas before anyone knew their real names.

The initial reaction has been mixed. Some forum users have called it a “disgrace” while others feel it could help reduce issues such as collision.

Reading further into the comments, some have pointed out that the real names will only be visible to those at the table. What’s more, it’s optional at this stage, which means privacy concerns may not be as much of an issue as some believe.

For Partypoker, it comes down to integrity. As part of its ongoing mission to foil cheats and protect players, the operator believes real names create more transparency.

By essentially lifting the lid on a player’s identity, it removes some of their power. Because all real money accounts have to verify their identity, the logic is that cheats would be easily exposed.

Partypoker Tackling Cheats from All Angles

The move comes after another update changed the way hand histories are made available. Instead of allowing players to download histories, they’re now only available online.

The update also banned heads up displays (HUDs), something which caused backlash from some sections of the community. Those in favor of HUDs argued that they help reduce cheating because stats allow people to spot unusual activity.

Partypoker hit back by saying they create a predatory environment that’s off-putting for casuals. While both parties clearly have the integrity of online poker at heart, the latter has its own view on how best to achieve parity.

What will be interesting to track is how the update shapes Partypoker’s cash games going forward.

While any current arguments against the change can be quashed by reminding people the feature is option, problems might develop if real names become mandatory.


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