Partypoker Introduces Cost-Cutting Tournament Innovation to Silence Critics

June 14th, 2019 | by Greg Shaun

Partypoker is fighting back against recent criticisms by launching a new tournament concept aimed at online enthusiasts.

Partypoker Rob Yong

Partypoker’s Rob Yong has introduced a new tournament concept that aims to give players more value by lowering costs. (Image: YouTube/Partypoker Live)

Announced on June 13, the innovation will allow players to play Days 1 and 2 of Partypoker Live events online.

The opening sessions will be contained within a single flight, meaning entrants can advance to the latter stages of an offline event in a matter of hours.

No Needless Expenses

The aim is to give players more value by reducing travel costs and increasing their overall returns. Indeed, those that make it through the online flight will automatically be in the money when they ante-up offline (see video above).

This dynamic means players will only have to cover expenses when they’ve locked up a min-cash.

As well as giving players more value, Partypoker’s Rob Yong believes the idea will increase interest in the tour.

Since launching in 2017, Partypoker Live has gained support from many of the circuit’s top regulars. What’s more, the tour’s president John Duthie has greenlighted a number of innovations, including Partypoker Live Dollars.

Players Show their Hands

However, while the latest initiative may bolster the tournament series, it comes at a time when Partypoker is facing harsh criticism. With a forthcoming update set to remove all hand histories, regulars have hit out.

On top of bemoaning the fact it takes away a core skill of online poker (reading stats), players are concerned about security. As highlighted by Hold’em Manager owner Max Value Software (MVS) LLC, hand histories and tracking software have helped catch many cheaters in the past.

Their contention is that tracking software actually makes it harder for fraudsters to use bots and illicit tactics. However, Partypoker believes heads up displays (HUDs) create a predatory environment that’s bad for the overall ecology of online poker.

Partypoker Hoping to Silence Critics

The debate has seen many long-time players threaten to take their business elsewhere once the June 17 update is complete.

Given that Partypoker has made significant strides over the last 12 months, it will want to avert any backwards momentum. By introducing a new tournament concept, it should quell some of the current discontent.

However, for it to truly win over the community and challenge PokerStars as the top operator, further discussions about tracking software are necessary.


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