Pam Anderson Claims Rick Salomon Has Won $40 Million Playing Poker

March 17th, 2015 | by Jason Reynolds
Pamela Anderson claims Rick Salomon won $40 million playing poker.

Salomon won big according to Anderson (

The estranged husband of Pamela Anderson, Rick Salomon, reportedly won $40 million playing poker in 2014.

The startling revelation hit the headlines this week after celebrity gossip site, TMZ, obtained court documents filed by Anderson that last year the amateur poker player and quasi-celebrity beat fellow amateur and billionaire Andy Beal for a considerable amount of cash.

Back in February news surfaced that Salomon was seeking an annulment from his marriage to Anderson because he was “defrauded” and “bamboozled” into marrying her in January 2014.

Because of this, he is asking the judge to rule that there will be “no community property” in the separation, which would essentially leave him in full control of his assets.

Anderson Wants Half the Pot

Pamela Anderson

Anderson wants a portion of the alleged $40 million dollar pot. (

Hitting back through her legal team, Anderson is now pushing for a divorce which would entitle her to half of Salmon’s possessions, including the alleged $40 million poker haul. Beal is known among the poker community for his high stakes matches and actually surfaced earlier this year when he played a match against Todd Brunson.

It’s also well known that Beal is willing to play for high stakes and has lost more than $20 million in a single weekend. However, what isn’t known is exactly how or over what period Salomon beat the billionaire. The son of former Executive Vice President of Warner Bros, Robert Jess Salomon, the younger first found fame after appearing in a sex tape with Paris Hilton, but since then has made a number of appearance in the poker world.

Although not the most extensive, Salomon’s résumé does include a 4th place finish in the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop. One that occasion he managed to outlast the likes of Scott Seiver and Tobias Reinkemeier to claim $2,800,000 and an impressive finish in one of the toughest tournaments of the year.

Salomon Not a Fish

Ultra high stakes cash games involving billionaires and celebrity rich kids such as Dan Bilzerian are common in Vegas and Hollywood, but whether or not that would allow Salomon to win $40 million is unclear. After the news filtered through to 2+2, a number of posters were skeptical, but one commentator, AB1105, did suggest Salomon wasn’t as bad as people may think.

“Actually he played completely fine in the one drop, better than a lot of people with a poker site patch on their shirt. He wasn’t a complete douche,” wrote AB1105.

However, a clip of Salomon calling off a large portion of his stack on the river against Christoph Vogelsang has caused some to question his reading abilities against top flight players. After learning of Anderson’s claim, Salomon’s lawyers moved to dismiss the story by stating that she is on a mission to ruin his life because she isn’t happy about the break up.


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