Neymar Jr Rolls Away from the World Cup on to a BSOP Final Table

July 28th, 2018 | by Kaycee James

Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr has rebounded from his team’s unexpected World Cup exit by making the final table of a PokerStars high roller event.

Neymar Jr BSOP High Roller.

Neymar Jr finishes sixth in the BSOP High Roller after missing out on success at the 2018 soccer World Cup. (Image: Sportskeeda)

The noted poker enthusiast and former PokerStars ambassador was one of the players that helped generate 288 entries in the $1,850 Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) High Roller. After finishing the first day with the fourth largest stack, the Paris Saint-Germain striker held his nerve to reach the final table on July 25.

Spades Flush Neymar Jr’s Hopes of Victory

With a stack big enough to start the finale in sixth, Neymar Jr had some work to do. Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t able to improve his position and eventually crashed out in sixth thanks to flush vs. flush cooler.

After watching Daniel Croce raise from middle position, Neymar Jr put in a raise with K♠7♠. A call followed and it was all-in on the 4♠J♠5♠ flop.

When the cards were flipped, Croce’s A♠Q♠ left Neymar Jr short on outs as the 3♦ and 4♠ ran out on the turn and river. With two big blinds left, the soccer player was all-in and all out a few hands later.

Brazil the Real Winner Thanks to Neymar Jr

As 16,400 online viewers watched the national hero head off to collect his $21,470 prize, reigning BSOP player of the year Affif Prado was clear to take the title.

The final hand of the BSOP High Roller saw Prado scoop the remainder of Oscar Alache’s chips with pocket jacks. Discussing his victory with, Brazilian complimented Neymar Jr on his efforts and his efforts in creating a poker boom in Brazil.

“It was cool to see him making plays, because he studies, he watches, and to see the interest of a person like Neymar Jr for this game is very gratifying. Not to mention the boom this has generated today, this is sure to reflect even more for poker,” the BSOP champion told on July 25.

BSOP High Roller Result

  1. Affif Prado – $85,601*
  2. Oscar Alache – $67,339*
  3. Daniel Croce – $44,672
  4. Bruno Marino – $36,065
  5. Wender Oliveira – $28,274
  6. Neymar Jr. – $21,470
  7. Alejandro Lopez – $15,718
  8. Eyal Benshimon – $11,550
  9. Lucas Tabarin – $9,577

*Denotes a deal.


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