New Full Tilt Marketing Campaign Launches, Post Hansen and Blom

October 24th, 2014 | by Kaycee James
Full Tilt Story ad campaign

Full Tilt has adopted a more casual marketing approach with its new ad campaign aimed at telling player’s stories. (Image: Full Tilt)

A new Full Tilt marketing campaign has been released, hot on the heels of the online poker site’s summary dismissal of iconic pros Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom earlier this week.

The commercials have finally been released after much speculation as to which direction the company would be taking its brand.

Rumors of an impending change at Full Tilt came to light earlier this week, after the images of Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen were removed from its Welcome page.After 24 hours of community gossip, Full Tilt eventually gave a statement to Pokerfuse, which explained that its relationship with the two pros had come to an end.

Not only that, but a new marketing campaign, complete with new TV spots, was in the offing.

Goodbye Pros, Hello Players

Soon after the news went public, Full Tilt quickly followed up with a press release that outlined its new marketing policy. After years of pushing its high stakes games and the slogan: “Play with the Pros,” Full Tilt announced that it will now be focusing on its “everyman” players. Seemingly following the poker industry’s current trend for embracing small stakes games, the new commercials will narrate “the experiences of players.”

To help drive its campaign, Full Tilt has produced a series of videos in conjunction with creative agency, Simply Zesty. The first two videos are entitled “The Call” and “The Bluff,” and will show the “drama of playing” from a “player’s perspective.” The spots will initially air in the UK on TV and in theaters, before being shown in EU markets as well.

Free Cash for Casual Newbies

On top of an altered PR stance, Full Tilt will also be offering new customers across the UK £10 ($16) free to test out the platform. This deal is a departure from the company’s usual bonus policy, which has traditionally focused on deposit matches for first-timers.

“These cutting edge adverts showcase exactly what playing our games is all about — the psychological warfare, the bluffing, the fun and the drama that happens all day long at Full Tilt. A huge amount of time and effort has gone into the new brand and we’re thrilled to share the first of our stories with the UK,” said the company’s Managing Director, Dominic Mansour.

As well as following a pattern that’s becoming common across the industry, Full Tilt’s new marketing approach will also make it a direct contrast to its sister site, PokerStars. Both platforms now operate under the Amaya banner, but while PokerStars has retained a hardcore poker focus, Full Tilt has become a more diverse platform with casino games and slots, helping the site to have a broader online gambler appeal.


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