Molly’s Game Preview Goes Live

August 16th, 2017 | by Kaycee James

The long-awaited Molly’s Game is set to hit our screens in November and, ahead of the release, we’ve been treated to a first look at the finished product.

Molly's Game Trailer

The official trailer for Molly’s Game is out and the early signs are that it could be one of the better poker movies of the last two decades. (Image:

Ahead of the movie’s maiden screening at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, STX Entertainment has released the first trailer (see bottom of the page) and, according to YouTube comments, people are impressed.

When news broke that Aaron Sorkin would be directing the movie adaptation of Molly Bloom’s tell-all book, Molly’s Game, expectations were high.

A-List Cast Behind Molly’s Game

Despite being Sorkin’s directorial debut, the American has worked on a number of high profile projects in the past, including: A Few Good Men, Moneyball and The Social Network. In line with his reputation, Sorkin was able to draft in some of the biggest names in Hollywood to help retell the story of Bloom’s high stakes poker games.

Jessica Chastain secured the lead role and during the trailer we’re given a glimpse into the hardnosed persona she was forced to adopt in her portrayal of Bloom. After an injury ended her career as a professional on the ski circuit, Bloom started to help host private poker games for wealthy players.

After being pushed out of her job, Bloom set-up her own game for Hollywood’s elite. In between her high stakes cash games featuring the likes of Ed Norton and Matt Damon, Bloom’s time as a “poker princess” featured dealings with the Russian Mafia and the FBI.

Will the Poker Action be Authentic?

Although the movie is told from Bloom’s perspective and is as much about her legal struggles as the action at the felt, poker is an integral part of the movie. At this stage, however, it’s not clear what the poker scenes will be like.

Over the last few decades, poker movies had received mixed reactions from the community. Rounders broke the mold back in 1998 and nothing has come close in many poker fans’ eyes. Lucky You and All In: The Poker Movie were widely panned by players and the poker scene in Casino Royale has been criticized for its slightly outlandish final hand.

Regardless of how realistic the poker action is, the first preview of Molly’s Game has been received well by YouTube viewers.

“Finally a crafted drama with sharp dialogues, entertaining too,” wrote Ramesh Prabhu.

“Finally! Been waiting for this one. Looks glossy but enthralling. This just makes me want more, aka to see the film in full,” added James De Roxtra.

After its initial showing in Toronto, Molly’s Game will go on general release across the US on November 22 before hitting movie theatres around the world.


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