Michigan Online Poker Sites Could be Live by Late Fall

September 30th, 2020 | by Kaycee James

Online poker could be on its way to the US state of Michigan before the end of 2020 according to local gaming authority executive director, Richard S. Kalm.


A statement from the Michigan Gaming Control Board said that online poker sites could be active in the state by late fall. (Image: Wikipedia/Royalbroil)

Kalm declined to give an exact date on when Michigan online poker sites could go live. However, a statement posted on Michigan.gov said that things could be in place by “late fall.”

The comment followed a public hearing on the proposed rules for online gaming in the state. The Michigan Gaming Control Board has since submitted the proposal to the Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules and the Legislative Service Bureau for final review.

Michigan Online Poker More Open than Most

Once the rules have been agreed upon, a licensing process will start. Any prospective poker sites must have one commercial and one tribal license before they can launch.

Assuming those conditions are met, and the right system is in place, Kalm believes online poker in Michigan could be a reality this year.

The other positive for local poker players is that bill SB 991 would allow operators to offer interstate games. The bill was introduced in June 2020 and passed a Senate Regulatory Reform Committee vote last week.

It is now eligible for consideration in the Senate where, if passed, will move it to the House. Barring any problems at that point, SB 991 would land on Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s desk where it could then be signed into law.

Positive Omens for Local Poker Players

That would go down as a win for operators and players. Having the ability to connect with playerpools in states such as New Jersey and Nevada would give Michigan online poker sites an instant boost.

Indeed, as we’ve seen over the last seven years, intrastate gaming is fraught with liquidity issues. Although national regulation would be preferable, interstate pacts are the next best solution.

Michigan lawmakers have been more receptive to the regulation of online poker than most. However, there is a long way to go before the first sites start accepting bets. Moreover, it may be even longer before liquidity sharing comes into play.

But, for now at least, the news is positive. Michigan is on the verge of offering online poker and, potentially, online poker in a way that gives locals the best chance of enjoying well-stocked games.


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