Luke Schwartz Challenges “Pigeon” Doug Polk to a High Stakes Showdown

May 3rd, 2017 | by Kaycee James

Luke Schwartz and Doug Polk could be heading for a Las Vegas showdown after the former called out his high stakes peer during a recent interview.

Luke Schwartz calls out Doug Polk.

Luke Schwartz (pictured) brands Doug Polk a pigeon and says he wants to play him heads-up in Las Vegas. (Image:

With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) just around the corner, it seems as though prop bet season is about to start and British pro Schwartz could be leading the charge.

Despite being fairly quiet for the last few years, Schwartz returned with a bang in 2017 when he appeared on Joe Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast.

Schwartz Back With a Bang

In an episode titled “Luke Schwartz is BACK,” viewers were treated to a vintage rant about Polk, his recent podcasts and his results.

Since that appearance, Schwartz has doubled down on his dislike for Polk by telling Pokernews reporter Laura Cornelius that he’s prepared to play him heads-up in Vegas.

At the start of the interview, Schwartz admitted that it was a “minor thing,” but in among his impressions of Polk, he did say his instructional videos are a “scam.” Whether Schwartz actually means Polk is legitimately trying to scam people is unclear, but he did say the American pro can’t beat poker anymore.

When pressed on whether he’d play Polk heads-up, an animated Schwartz not only said that he’d play, but that his opponent would stand no chance against him.

At the time of writing, Polk hadn’t responded to the challenge via his Twitter or Facebook accounts, but there’s a strong chance he’ll make a video about it in the near future.

A Video Sensation in the Making

As it stands, Polk has made over 220 YouTube videos on everything from his strategy in tournaments and cash games to his views on poker, his peers and everything else in between.

In fact, if Schwartz and Polk do ever agree to a high stakes showdown, there would be plenty of people willing to tune in and watch it.

The recent heads-up match between Cate Hall and Mike Dentale was streamed live via Poker Central and, since then, the YouTube playback has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

Schwartz and Polk are bigger names than Hall and Dentale, which would suggest a large portion of the poker community will tune in if they do lock horns around the time of the WSOP.

For now, however, the two high stakes players will have to continue their feud over the internet until they eventually agree to settle in the only way poker pros know how: with a heads-up showdown.  


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