Larry Flynt has his Eyes Set on Troubled California Card Club?

May 1st, 2016 | by Kaycee James
Larry Flynt poker.

Larry Flynt is allegedly interested in taking over Normandie Casino. (Image:

Larry Flynt has made his mark on the gambling and pornography industries during his 73-year life. But, according to sources, he has another big project in store.

This time, the adult industry mogul allegedly has plans to overtake an embattled Gardena, California card club. Normandie Casino has fallen on hard times since its owners pled guilty to money laundering in what was deemed to be part of an organized crime ring.

Normandie Casino is still in operation, for now. But the state gaming board will have it shut down before long. As of now, the owners are working on getting the property sold.

The card club is the oldest in California. It opened back in 1936 and has been passed down through its original owner’s family. Four members of the Miller family currently own the casino but no longer have a license to operate a gambling establishment in the Golden State.

Is he a Serious Buyer?

That’s where Flynt comes into play. He currently owns Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino just down the street from Normandie Casino. Hustler Casino boasts one of the most popular poker rooms in the state.

Flynt’s current card room could use some additional parking, at the very least. Hustler Casino customers have long complained about a lack of good parking spots.

The claims those close to Flynt expect him to purchase the property and turn it into a Las Vegas-style entertainment center with a nice casino and many restaurants and shops. Doing so could increase tourism to the area and maybe even bring additional poker players to the Hustler Casino.

With that said, until Flynt actually comes out and says he’s interested, it’s all just rumors and speculation at this point. He hasn’t commented publicly, so we are unable to confirm the legitimacy of the rumors at this point.

About the Potential Buyer

Larry Flynt has lived quite an interesting life. In fact, it has been so interesting that a movie was made depicting his life in 1996. The People vs. Larry Flynt, starring Woody Harrelson, portrayed Flynt’s rise in the pornography industry and his struggles to keep the cops off his back.

Flynt is the founder of Hustler Magazine and a plethora of American strip clubs. He even has a strip club in Las Vegas. To the poker community, he is the owner of one of Southern California’s top poker rooms, Hustler Casino.

The adult industry entrepreneur is on his fifth marriage. But the good news is he has been with his current wife, Elizabeth Berrios, since 1998. That is his longest marriage.

Flynt has built many successful businesses in his long life. The only question remaining is will Normandie Casino be his next and potentially final profitable venture?


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