Help the Poker Players Alliance Fight Back Against RAWA Loving AGs

December 7th, 2016 | by Kaycee James
PPA anti-RAWA letter.

The Poker Players Alliance wants you to help stop Donald Trump from being swayed by RAWA. (Image: Joe Raedle/Getty)

Don’t let ten Attorneys General make RAWA a reality, that’s the advice of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) and its latest pre-filled letter.

The push to have the Wire Act used as a device to block online poker at a federal level and, therefore, outdo the hard work already done by states like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware is back on.

At the start of December, the issue of RAWA came to the fore once again after ten Attorneys General wrote to president-elect Donald Trump.

Flying the Flag for Online Poker

Despite Trump having a mountain of issues to tackle, even before his January 20 inauguration, the AGs seized an opportunity to reignite the debate during the lame duck session.

Offering their opinions on why the DOJ’s interpretation of the Wire Act needs adjusting to cover online poker, the letter was basically a “hey this is RAWA” red flag.

In response to the RAWA red flag, the PPA has raised its own colors in a bid to rally the US poker community. As part of its ongoing fight to stem the tide of online poker hatred, the PPA has called for all US players to complete one of its pre-written emails.

Available on the PPA’s official website, the letters are emailed directly to whichever relevant political figures are in your local area. To make the process as slick as possible, pro-poker advocates can input their email address and ZIP code on the PPA’s site.

After the system locates your state, you can type in your name, phone number and address (must be registered on the USPS database) and that’s about it.

Send it Simple, Send it Quick

Once your details have been confirmed, the email can be tweaked if you wish but if you just want to get on with it, you can click send and that’s it.

Although the gesture will take no more than 60 seconds, a collective effort could have a huge impact on those senators that haven’t yet been swayed by the RAWA or its main supporters.

Online poker in the US has had a fairly quiet time throughout 2016. Although there have been a few attempts to have RAWA brought back into the spotlight, there has been less activity than in 2015.

What has been frustrating, however, is the lack of positive movement in certain states.

California, New York and Pennsylvania have all teetered on the brink of regulation in 2016, but none have managed to cross the finish line. Disagreements, a lack of support and a general sense of apathy in some cases have seen online poker remain static this year.

Although this is currently the biggest fight for players in the US, it’s important that we don’t take our eyes off the ball and allow RAWA supporters to gain some early influence with Donald Trump.


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