Harvey Weinstein Creates Twitter Beef Between Matusow and Selbst

October 13th, 2017 | by Kaycee James

Controversial Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has caused a stir in poker world after Mike Matusow decided to comment on his alleged crimes.

Harvey Weinstein.

Hollywood producer and subject of rape allegations Harvey Weinstein has caused a Twitter row between Mike Matusow and Vanessa Selbst. (Image: cbsnews.com/Associated Press)

As more actresses and Hollywood insiders come forward with claims pertaining to the unwanted sexual advances of Weinstein, Matusow has given his thoughts on the public’s recent reaction.

Without condoning the actions of the producer, the player nicknamed The Mouth believes that the story isn’t perhaps as shocking as some are suggesting.

“As sick as the Harvey Weinstein story is everyone in USA pretty much knew you had to do sexual favors to make it in Hollywood! #hypocrites,” Matusow tweeted on October 10.

Sensitive Subject Sends Selbst into a Spin

Whenever a sensitive topic is broached on social media, however non-committal the author’s intention was, it often provokes a drastic reaction and Matusow’s tweet was no exception. When the equally outspoken Vanessa Selbst read her peer’s thoughts, she was compelled to respond in a typically direct manner.

“You are a disgusting, delusional, and downright pathetic human being. Every tweet you make is somehow worse than the last,” retorted Selbst.

The two tweets quickly gathered attention from the 200,000+ followers the pair share. In among the comical responses to yet another Twitter feud, many were quick to point out that Matusow was simply stating something that many have suspected for a long time.

“What did he say that was wrong or not true? You thinking you are better than anyone else is what’s pathetic,” commented @dougy10.

Weinstein Facing More than Words

While the virtual spat between the two high profile poker pros will soon blow over, things appear to be going downhill first for Weinstein. Since allegations of his sexual misconduct came to light at the start of October, a slew of high profile stars have shared their stories with the media.

From Charmed star Rose McGowan claiming she has proof Weinstein raped her to British singer Myleene Klass explaining that she was offered a “sex contract,” evidence appears to be stacking up. With his position at The Weinstein Company recently terminated and police forces in the US and UK carrying out criminal investigations, a war of words between two poker pros is a mere folly in comparison.


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