Full Flush Poker Players Scramble, as Site Appears to Shut Down

October 4th, 2016 | by Greg Shaun

Has Full Flush Poker closed its virtual doors? Or is it all just a temporary shutdown? These are the questions on many online poker players’ minds this week, when the site became inaccessible to customers.


Full Flush Poker has gone offline, leaving players worried once again about their bankrolls. (Image: cardplayer)

According to forum poster Chaz$$, Full Flush was experiencing connectivity issues on October 1, leaving him unable to login to his account.

A message from the site’s customer support team offered a glimmer of hope, saying that it was a routine shutdown to resolve some software issues.

“Yesterday our software developer performed a Poker Client update but once we went online there were glitches affecting so we decided to go offline to get a 100% fix.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, at the very moment no estimated time frame is given,” read a response from Full Flush Poker’s support team.

Poker Community Questions Shutdown

But after seeing no change in the site’s status, Chaz$$ detailed his experience on 2+2, and subsequently found that many of his peers had encountered a similar one. With the fate of the site unclear, many posters began searching for more concrete answers.

On September 30, a number of forum posts pointed out that the Equity Poker Network (which Full Flush was a part of) was down. Further down the thread, teach2121 wrote that he’d read online that “Full Flush Poker got kicked from the gaming server park in Curacao.”

If this is true, it would explain why the site’s domain is still offline and would suggest that it has completely ceased operations. However, at the time of writing, one Full Flush member had spoken to representatives of the support team, who assured them that it was nothing more than a software overhaul.

“Still working on it at this time. But we will be sure to contact all players once its back. It was up for 23 minutes yesterday but glitchy,” explained support worker “Harrison.”

Exercise Caution

If this is the case then players could expect to be back at the tables within a few days. But if some players’ suspicions are confirmed, then it could be the case that the online poker site is no more. Meanwhile, what should players do about unclaimed funds still on the site?

Back in May, a forum post on Poker Fraud Alert suggested that Full Flush Poker might actually be broke. After delays in paying affiliates, a number of posts were collated into a single thread, which suggested that the network and, moreover, Full Flush Poker, was out of money altogether.

At this point, the puzzle is still incomplete. But the pieces aren’t fitting together in a very flattering way, that’s for sure.


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