Doyle Brunson Escapes Robbery and Issues Warning to Would Be Criminals

August 15th, 2016 | by Kaycee James
Doyle Brunson avoids robbery attempt.

Doyle Brunson warns any would be criminals to try robbing him at their own risk. (Image:

Doyle Brunson, the godfather or poker, appears to have been the intended target for a robbery that wouldn’t look out of place in a mafia movie.

Tweeting about the incident, Brunson explained that a police officer visited him on August 12 after his neighbor was held captive by an intruder.

According to the officer, the robber believed that the man he was holding hostage was a professional poker player who live in the southwest valley area.

Assuming he had a stash of money in the house, the unknown assailant threatened the man before eventually learning that he wasn’t a poker player.

A Bad Read by the Thief

After stating that he was due take cut of $700,000 from the robbery, the man made off with $500 but not before he vowed to take action against his accomplices who fed him inaccurate information.

Although the local police department didn’t confirm that Brunson was the intended target of the crime, Brunson has he own take on things.

Despite three poker players living in the area, Brunson is likely the most recognizable and well-bankrolled which would appear to support his theory.

“Don’t these idiots know we leave our money at the casinos where we play? He told the victim his cut was supposed to be $700,000,” tweeted Brunson.

Unfortunately, if the thief is now thinking he can take advantage of the multi-millionaire senior citizen, the former Texas road gambler had a stark warning for him.

“WARNING…I carry a pistol with me at all times. When I come home I get out of my car with a gun in my hand. I have all kinds of silent alarms, motion detectors, etc. Plus I’m 83 years old, have been good with guns all of my life and am not going to be robbed again. 5 times in my life is enough! So any aspirations of trying had better be reconsidered!!!” Brunson explained.

Brunson a Fighter for Life

Aside from being handy with a gun, Brunson is one of the most resilient players in the game. In addition to playing and beating the toughest players in poker for more than 50 years, Brunson has beaten cancer six times.

His latest scare came back in February this year when doctors found squamous cell carcinoma cancer on his head. While the surgery needed to remove the cancer would be deemed too risky for someone of Brunson’s age, doctors proceeded anyway and, according to the man himself, it was a success.

In his typically sarcastic style, Brunson tweeted that “cancer #6” had gone “bye bye.” Although he might not be as spritely as he once was, Brunson is clearly a man who refuses to give up and that’s why he’s not only a poker legend, but a potential problem for anyone who wants to steal his bankroll.


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