Daniel Negreanu Puts Forth $1 Million PokerStars Prop Bet

September 21st, 2014 | by Brian Corlisse
Daniel Negreanu $1M prop bet

Daniel Negreanu will put his reputation and $1 million on the line for his latest PokerStars prop bet. (Image: WSOP)

Daniel Negreanu, the PokerStars pro who recently caused a stir when he claimed he could beat $25/$50 games online, is now willing to discuss the terms surrounding his $1 million prop bet.

Although his initial tweet was more of a throw away comment than a direct proposition, Negreanu appears to have taken the bait in an effort to prove his critics wrong. Sticking to his assertion that he could walk away with a profit from some of PokerStars‘ toughest games, Negreanu recently took to 2+2 to outline his terms for the bet.

Making it clear that the 50,000 hands will have to be played over a timeframe that suits him, the Canadian pro appears to be inching towards and official set of rules.

Negreanu’s Opening Gambit

“What I’m willing to do is play 50k hands ($25-$50 or higher) in one year. If I don’t complete the required number of hands in year one, I would get an additional year to complete, but would be forced to sacrifice 10% of the bet. If I didn’t complete the agreed upon number of hands in two years, I would lose the bet. So yes, I would bet a million on it as I said in that @reply to the dude who called me a dolt,” Negreanu said.

“This is the first time I’m putting out a public offer. I’m open to negotiation, of course, because I’d really like to take this challenge on, as long as the parameters of the bet are conducive to me playing a relaxed schedule,” he wrote on the popular forum.

Naturally, the message caused a wave of responses and with the thread now more than 70 pages long, it looks as though an actual prop bet could be in the making. However, before any money changes hands, a number of potential punters are concerned about the length of time Negreanu is asking for. ‘DalmatianFlush’ has suggested that such terms will help Negreanu gain an edge “because a year FORCES him to play less, and at more opportune times.”

A Fair Bet for All

Of course, Negreanu has a busy schedule that probably won’t allow him to play the required 50,000 hands in a shorter amount of time. Moreover, as high stakes online pro Andrew Song pointed out, games at $25/$50+ run less frequently than at other stakes. Using his own database as evidence, Song explained that he only managed to play 41,000 hands across four poker sites in 2013.

In the spirit of competition, Negreanu is willing to discuss the terms until all concerned parties are happy, which is surely the best sign yet that this prop bet will happen. When will the challenge take place? Will Negreanu emerge victorious? Who will bet against Negreanu? Only time can answer these questions, but if history is anything to go by, then very few people will be willing to bet against “Kid Poker” on this one.


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