Dan Bilzerian Shocks His Own Instagram Followers With Latest Social Media Post

February 14th, 2016 | by Kaycee James
Dan Bilzerian Instagram post shock

Instagram king Dan Bilzerian, seen here on the right with top GOP contender Donald Trump earlier this year, surprised even his most enthusiastic social media followers this week with a recent “orgy” post that’s too R-rated for our news site. (Image: twitter.com)

Dan Bilzerian is the self-labeled “King of Instagram” and regularly posts outlandish images featuring scantily clad women, guns, stacks of money, private jets, and more scantily clad women.

But on Tuesday, the 34-year-old millionaire playboy expanded even his own fairly loose sense of propriety as he shared a picture lying nude with a drove of women wearing nothing but some well-placed purple tape to cover their more sensitive parts.

The Instagram post was shared to his 15.7 million fans, 1.3 million Twitter followers, and nearly 10 million Facebook likes. The “orgy” photo is simply titled, “Date night.”

Though it’s difficult to precisely tally the female bodies interwoven around Bilzerian, after careful inspection and cross-examanation, our best guess is six.

In addition to his outrageous lifestyle and ostentatious personality, Bilzerian is known to the poker community for being a former high-stakes pro who also appeared on the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event telecast, where he ultimately placed 180th for a $36,626 win.

Cash is King

The Most Interesting Man in the World might be reserved for Dos Equis’ Jonathan Goldsmith, but Bilzerian can’t be far behind.

Bilzerian inherited his wealth through his father Paul, a corporate takeover specialist who was later convicted of securities and tax law violations by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Along with his younger brother Adam, who also dabbles in poker tournaments, Dan lives lavishly, reportedly mostly off his substantial trust fund, although he claims to have pulled in massive poker cash game wins.

With a net worth estimated to be between $100-$150 million, Bilzerian has also dipped his toes into acting and venture capital projects.

Bilzerian Gets Busy

Though it doesn’t seem like Bilzerian needs to work, the social media celebrity was quite active in 2015.

In June, he announced his own presidential campaign, though the proclamation was taken about as seriously as Vermin Supreme’s perennial bids for an office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bilzerian held a campaign rally at New York City’s Marquee nightclub, where male attendees paid $55, while ladies were let in for a discounted $40 per person.

He mingled with other politicians and even played a game of liar’s poker with former 2016 candidate Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky). During the December GOP debate in Nevada, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump paid a visit to Bilzerian in Las Vegas, which the playboy of all playboys naturally shared online.

DraftKings Sponsorship

Bilzerian also hosted a three-day Cabo San Lucas getaway for the top ten finishers of a special daily fantasy sports (DFS) contest on DraftKings held last fall. For his participation, the DFS platform reportedly paid Bilzerian $250,000. That probably covered his lunch tab.

DraftKings’ Bilzerian sponsorship came as somewhat of a surprise to the gambling media after the daily fantasy network tried to distance itself from the World Series of Poker and removed its branding from the November Nine.

But the DraftKings branding with the Instagram king is a smart marketing strategy. The majority of Bilzerian followers are young and middle-aged males, the precise demographic DFS is trying to reach.

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