Dan Bilzerian Bad Boy Streak Continues with Bomb Making Arrest

December 11th, 2014 | by Kaycee James
Dan Bilzerian bomb making bust

Gun show: Dan Bilzerian shows off his weapons. If found guilty of possessing bomb-making equipment, he could face up to six years in the big house. (Image: rantlifestyle.com)

Bad boy poker player Dan Bilzerian was arrested by police at LAX on Tuesday night, charged with the possession bomb-making equipment.

According to the criminal complaint, it seems Bilzerian had been illegally dabbling with ammonium, aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate, which, when mixed together, will act like pure TNT.

He was charged with “possessing component of explosive or incendiary device with intent to manufacture explosive or incendiary device and possession of explosive incendiary device,” and has been released on bail.

Bilzerian is a well-known poker player and gun aficionado, who frequently posts images of his collection of high-powered weaponry on Instagram and has been known to make YouTube videos of himself “blowing stuff up” for fun.

However, the charges are no joke, and if found guilty, he could be facing between one and six years in prison. A single post on his Twitter account this morning simply said, “Jail… let’s not do that again.” This presumably refers to the brief time he spent incarcerated as a young man after being caught with a machine gun in the trunk of his car.

Porn Star Hurling

This is the second time this week that Bilzerian hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. He was reprimanded over the weekend for allegedly kicking a woman in the face at a nightclub, although he was quick to defend himself on Twitter.

“Actually 2 girls attacked a girl I was with to the point they gave her a black eye and threw her off the table and went after her, b/c they wanted to get closer to me​,” he explained.

We hate it when that happens.

In April, he was widely criticized for throwing a naked porn star off a roof and breaking her ankle, although it seems it was only partly his fault. Janice Griffith, 19, apparently agreed to be hurled from the roof and into a swimming pool during a shoot for Hustler Magazine. Bilzerian obliged, but Griffith grabbed hold of his T-shirt at the last moment, which meant she fell just short of the intended target.

Legal Smackdown

Griffith’s attempt to sue Bilzerian backfired when his lawyer, Tom Goldstein, responded with one of the greatest legal smackdowns in history. Goldstein pointed out that Griffith’s complaint was “sanctionably frivolous,” as she had been under contract from Hustler at the time and had agreed to be thrown off the roof, adding that “very few people I know would make that choice.”

He continued: “Maybe your client’s theory is that Mr. Bilzerian negligently violated the established standard of reasonable care for one who throws a porn actor off a roof into a pool during a photo shoot for an adult magazine. I’ll let that one sink in for a minute.

“Your client should just box up almost every last bit of her property (please exclude all videos and photographs, as well as the seemingly inevitable small yappy dog) and drop it off with you in safe keeping for Mr. Bilzerian. After he receives the judgment in his favor, he will have it all delivered to him,” he concluded. “Then he will probably blow it up with a mortar in the desert.”

Despite the obvious brilliance of his lawyer, however, it looks like Bilzerian won’t be blowing things up in the desert, at least for the foreseeable future.


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