Dan Bilzerian Shows It’s Good to Be Rich and Indifferent in BLM PSA

April 3rd, 2015 | by Brian Corlisse

Dan Bilzerian has released more than a few crazy videos over the years.

Dan Bilzerian PSA

Dan Bilzerian filmed an uninspired PSA for the Bureau of Land Management about safe and legal gun use on federal lands, a subject in which he is now an expert. (Image: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram)

Viewers have seen the “King of Instagram” shooting high-powered weapons and driving tanks over cars, among other audacious stunts. But his latest video isn’t one designed to get likes and favorites on social media, but rather one he was compelled to make after getting into some trouble with the federal government.

Bilzerian was forced to film a public service announcement (PSA) for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) about shooting guns responsibly on federal land, part of a plea deal he cut with prosecutors after he was accused of creating an explosive mix and then blowing up a truck cab on federal land, sending debris over hundreds of yards.

While he was able to agree to a plea that took the felony charges down to a misdemeanor, part of the agreement was that he would help make a PSA about how to act on public lands as if you actually know what polite society is about.

Performance Lackluster, Room Anything But

The video was released on Wednesday, and included some incredible contrasts. Bilzerian offers the kind of stilted delivery usually reserved for hostage videos, while filming the video surrounded by some incredibly entertaining props.

“As an avid shooter: remember to shoot responsibly and follow the rules,” Bilzerian begins in a monotone inflection. “Public lands are for everyone’s use. Be responsible when shooting and clean up the area you are shooting in so others can enjoy the land.”

It’s the kind of standard boilerplate you’d expect from a video of this type: don’t misuse exploding targets, be aware of local and federal laws, and so on. Important information to be sure, but not something that one would imagine Dan Bilzerian would be excited about sharing with the world, and it shows in his monotone and unenthusiastic delivery.

That said, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the watching, especially when the camera pans out and we get a better view of the room Bilzerian is filming in. Off to the left of the screen, there’s a homonymous action figure that appears to be wearing the same outfit as the real Bilzerian in the shoot. On a counter in the background, there’s a powerful rifle and an animal skull flanking the PSA star on either side.

Massive Portrait Dominates Video

But the centerpiece of the room, and arguably of the video, is the incredible portrait that is hanging behind Bilzerian while he speaks. The large painting appears to depict the social media playboy standing triumphantly above a poker table, with scantily clad women clinging to each of his legs.

Cash is flying throughout the picture, while in the background, someone is riding a Segway scooter while wearing a diaper and holding what appears to be another bag full of cash. While it has little to do with responsible land use, it’s certainly entertaining.

Along with the video, Bilzerian also uploaded outtakes to his Facebook page earlier this week, which showed him questioning the somewhat incongruous lines he was being asked to parrot back in the video.

As for the actual product, he finishes with a line that was probably meant to be humorous, but falls just a little flat given Bilzerian’s uninspired performance. “Jail? Let’s not do that again,” Bilzerian says as the PSA concludes.

Somehow, we think the Instagram King got the last laugh himself on this one.


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