Ten Attorneys General Ask Trump to Support Anti-Online Poker Push

December 5th, 2016 | by Kaycee James
Adam Laxalt online poker ban.

Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt supports yet another push to ban online poker in the US. (Image: alchetron.com)

The anti-online poker movement has reared its ugly had once again, this time thanks to a group of ten Attorneys General.

Although President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence are yet to officially take office, the top law enforcement officers in ten states have signed a letter urging them to look at the Wire Act.

In a move that will satisfy noted online poker hater Sheldon Adelson, the Attorneys General wrote to Trump expressing their “deep concern” over the current interpretation of the Wire Act.

Same Rhetoric, Different Letter

Unsurprisingly, the official letter is filled with rhetoric and estimates. In fact, perhaps the most entertaining line in the letter is the description of President Obama’s overruling of the Wire Act “in the dark of the night on Christmas 2011.”

Hyperbole aside, the letter manages to reiterate many of the old arguments previously dismissed by members of Congress and beyond. What’s also interesting about the latest push to use the Wire Act as a tool to ban online poker is the involvement of Nevada Attorney General, Adam Laxalt.

Laxalt previously signed a letter supporting the Adelson-backed RAWA bill back in 2015 and it seems his dislike of the industry hasn’t waned. Despite being a leading legal figure in a state where online poker regulated, Laxalt is happy to go against the grain and, in the process, annoy his peers.

After learning of Laxalt’s involvement with the letter, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval confirmed through his spokesperson that he “doesn’t support” this position. Following this, Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett suggested that Laxalt should be more aware of how successful regulation has been in the state.

“Internet gaming in Nevada has been a complete regulatory success. We’ve had no issues with patron protection or ensuring it is done to the letter of the law. I’m disappointed Mr. Laxalt didn’t consult with his clients on this,” Burnett told Ralston Reports.

Solid Support but Not a Priority

Fortunately, representatives from America’s other iGaming friendly states, New Jersey and Delaware, haven’t signed the letter. However, Laxalt’s signature has been joined by the following Attorneys General:

Jeff Landry – Louisiana Attorney General
Bill Schuette – Michigan Attorney General
Douglas J. Peterson – Nebraska Attorney General
Wayne Stenehjem – North Dakota Attorney General
E. Scott Pruitt – Oklahoma Attorney General
Alan Wilson – South Carolina Attorney General
Marty J. Jackley – South Dakota Attorney General
Ken Paxton – Texas Attorney General
Sean Reyes – Utah Attorney General

Although the support of ten Attorneys General is some cause for concern, it’s important to remember that Trump is yet to take office and even when he does there’s little chance this issue will be top of his agenda.

With everything from the economy and immigration to foreign policy to worry about, Trump and his team will likely more pressing issues on their minds when the officially take office on January 20.


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