Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Escapes Felony Charge from Alleged Strip Poker Game

October 19th, 2016 | by Brian Corlisse

Stockton Mayor Antony Silva strip poker.

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva escapes felony charge after alleged game of strip poker at summer camp. (Image:

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva has had his felony charges linked to an alleged game of strip poker reduced to a misdemeanor.

Back in August, Silva was booked into jail after local police learned that he may have been involved in a game of strip poker with a group of teenage counselors at the Mayor’s Youth Camp back in 2015.

At the time, Silva’s list of changes included: recording confidential communications (a felony), endangering children, furnishing minors with alcohol and encouraging illegal behavior from a minor (delinquency of a minor).

Audio Evidence Not Conclusive

Audio evidence of the alleged game was later heard in court and the judge reported that at least some members of the group, the youngest of which was 16, were “naked at some point.”

Silva’s attorney, Mark Reichel initially reported that his client denies the charges and the timing of the arrest was politically motivated in order to upset his chances of retaining his position as mayor.

Silva’s first line of defense was to question the timing of the charges. According to Reichel, there has been a recent campaign to remove Silva from his position as mayor of Stockton.

Following those statements, Silva and his attorney formally denied the charges in court and stated that everyone in the game was over the age of 18.

“Unlike other politicians, I say that I am human. I am far, far from perfect. I am innocent of these charges. The timing is extremely suspicious,” Silva told the court.

Was it an Attempted Coup?

With a potential felony charge hanging over his head and an election due to take place in November, Silva was pleased to hear this week that he’s been given nothing more than a selection of misdemeanor charges.

Reviewing the case, an Amador County judge decided to remove the felony charge and, instead, side with a motion that suggested the following charges: eavesdropping, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, cruelty to a child by endangering health and providing alcohol to a minor.

Despite escaping a felony charge that could have harmed him both personally and professionally, Silva maintained that he was disappointed by the case. Speaking after the decision, Silva essentially suggested that he was a victim of political sabotage.

“I am obviously pleased with today’s decision in court but at the same time still frustrated and upset that people have used their political power and influence to put me in this situation right before an election, explained Silva.


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