$45,000 Says Joe Ingram Can’t Learn Mandarin in 12 Months

October 23rd, 2017 | by Kaycee James

Poker pro Joe Ingram is about to embark on another crazy prop bet, this time for a grand total of $45,000. If, he can accomplish what many believe is one of the hardest challenges in language learning he will take home the $45,000 prize.

Joe Ingram Chinese.

Poker pro Joe Ingram could win $45,000 if he can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese in just 12 months. (Image: YouTube/joeingram1)

According to a recent YouTube video from the man with the Twitter name gN PROP BET KING, the latest outlandish feat will see him learn Mandarin Chinese.

Detailing the bet via his YouTube channel, Ingram explained that he has 12 months to become fluent in a language that’s generally considered to be one of the most complex in the world.

A Linguistic Long Shot

Describing the prop bet as the “most out of line” wager he’s ever made, Ingram recounted how the challenge was born. After playing high stakes poker and sharing some drinks with a group of pros, Ingram said he thought he could complete an entire episode of his podcast in Spanish.

With odds of 5:1 offered, the seeds of a bigger bet started to flourish. As the idea developed, Ingram started pondered the potential value of learning the language of a country that’s not only becoming increasingly important on a global scale, but in the poker industry.

Based on this, Ingram floated the idea that he would attempt to learn Mandarin Chinese within a year. Not only that, but he would become fluent enough that he would record an entire podcast in a language he currently has no knowledge of.

When the terms were agreed, Ingram was left with the following deal:

He has 12 months to learn Mandarin Chinese.

He must complete a 30-minute podcast, unassisted, in Mandarin.

He will put up $7,500 and receive a price of 6:1.

Can He Converse Like a Pro?

To verify how well Ingram performs in his Mandarin-only podcast, five independent judges will review the podcast and comment on his proficiency. If they all agree that he’s performed somewhere close to the level of a competent speaker, he’ll win $45,000.

How is he going to win? Well, his first step will involve downloading a few language learning apps. From there he plans to watch Mandarin movies, listen to Mandarin music and, potentially, move to China for a period of time in order to immerse himself in the language as much as possible.

What are his chances of success? Given his track record, Ingram may have a shot at completing the bet successfully. In the past he’s managed to win a bet that required him to play upwards of 50,000 hands of poker in a day. He also wrote a book in 11 days to win thousands from his peers.

While it’s certainly going to be a tough task, the bet is yet another example of the ingenuity and initiative that money, pride and a good old fashion challenge can inspire.


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