Video Footage Shows David Haye in Brutal Poker Knockout

December 21st, 2018 | by Jason Reynolds

Footage of David Haye taking a beating at the poker table has been released by sponsors Grosvenor as the retired boxer completes his fifth month of training.

David Haye poker

The latest video of David Haye’s exploits at the poker table don’t make for pleasant viewing. (Image: Grosvenor/Facebook)

Released just ahead of the holidays, footage of the former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion makes for disappointing viewing. During the short clip, we backstage insights from Haye’s coaches as they watch him exit his first live tournament in just three hands.

Ex-Boxer Seeing Stars Not Spades and Clubs

Signs of the Haymaker’s naivety at the felt first came to light back in November. After sitting down for his first lesson with Team Grosvenor Poker, Haye admitted that he often gets clubs and spades confused.

Despite being green, the knockout artist took to the felt in last month’s GUKPT Blackpool £165/$210 side event. In the video released on December 19, Haye explains that he doesn’t enjoy accepting defeat.

However, in the lead up to his debut at the felt, Grosvenor’s Jeff Kimber revealed the boxer hadn’t practiced with the team for six weeks. To make matters worse, the pros used video monitors to observe his play and found that Haye was making moves they’d “categorically” told him not to.

The end result was quick knockout, something which team pro Katie Swift suggested would have been embarrassing even for her 11-year-old. Despite the poor result, Haye was all smiles after the event, telling the camera crew he enjoyed the experience.

“I think after today, he’s going to take it a bit more seriously,” Joe Beevers said in summing up his protégé’s performance.

Goliath to Growth with David Haye

Haye’s next outing hasn’t been announced, which means we won’t know if he’s learned any lessons from his inglorious exit in Blackpool. What is clear though is that the presence of the boxing icon is giving Grosvenor a lift before the 2019 Goliath.

By drafting in a sports star with over two million followers on social media, the UK gaming operator will receive plenty of mainstream coverage ahead of the July tournament. Back in 2014, the GUKPT Goliath attracted 3,394 players.

Fast-forward four years and the 2018 event attracted 4,871 unique entries and 2,713 re-entries for a record-breaking total of 7,584 total entries. As well as becoming the largest GUKPT in history, the Goliath retained its title as the best-attended live event outside of Las Vegas.

With David Haye not only acting as a brand ambassador but promising to play in the 2019 Goliath, records could fall again as the attendance figure is pushed closer to the 8,000-mark.


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