Snow Falls as PokerStars VR Receive Festive Update

December 12th, 2018 | by Jason Reynolds

PokerStars VR is getting a festive makeover in time for the holiday season thanks to a splash of eggnog and a special appearance from one of the community’s most treasured gifts.

PokerStars VR

The latest PokerStars VR update will see the Santa Claus of poker Chris(tmas) Moneymaker ante-up in a selection of festive settings. (Image: PokerStars)

Announced on December 11, the Christmas update will build on the current list of features and settings offered inside PokerStars VR. After going live on November 8, the virtual reality product now gives users the ability to handle their cards and riffle chips in various locations, including Macau in 2050.

Deck the Lobby

As part of the seasonal twist, the lobby will be decked out with decorations and a winter wonderland backdrop. Players will also be able to sip festive drinks, pop on some antlers and a Santa hat before using a snowball machine to tilt their opponents.

To add a final layer of sparkle to the PokerStars VR interface, Chris(tmas) Moneymaker and a selection of famous elves will be hosting giveaways and taking part in special knockout events.

In releasing the update, PokerStars is aiming to capitalize on its current popularity among VR gamers. When details of new platform were announced in September, the operator stressed that the interactive settings wouldn’t detract from the skill of playing poker.

“We don’t just mean in the exotic virtual reality settings (think Macau 2050 or a Monte Carlo yacht) but with statistics. All the numbers, as well as observations about other players, are all available to you, because it’s still all about the poker,” read the September 20 press release.

PokerStars VR Reaching New Demographics

Although the ability to record stats and label players is still a major component of PokerStars VR, its gaming elements are proving popular with Steam users. The online marketplace for video games has become a proving ground for the product with current reviews giving it a “very positive” rating.

In appealing to video gamers as well as season poker players, PokerStars is strengthening the connections between the two communities. After remaining distinct entities for much of the last decade, companies on both sides are now seeing value in what the other has to offer.

For online poker operators, this has led to the emergence of poker streams on Twitch as well as crossover events featuring pro gamers and the likes of Daniel Negreanu. Latching onto this trend, PokerStars is making its virtual reality product as entertaining as possible in an effort to reach new demographics over the holiday season.


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