Slick Swede Anton Suarez Wins Partypoker Live Millions UK

January 13th, 2020 | by Jason Reynolds

Anton Suarez has become the latest Partypoker Live Millions champion after taking down the $10,300 UK main event.

Anton Suarez

Anton Suarez has become the latest Partypoker Live Millions champion after winning inside the UK’s Dusk Till Dawn cardroom. (Image: Flickr/Partypoker)

Held inside Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn card room, Millions UK attracted 530 players between Jan. 8 and Jan 12.

Among the international stars travelling to the heart of England were Faraz Jaka, Joao Vieira and Jeff Gross. Flying the flag for British poker and making it into the money were Roberto Romanello, Jack Sinclair and Patrick Leonard.

Swede Steals Show in Nottingham

As stars from around the world battled for supremacy, it was Sweden’s Suarez who eventually emerged victorious.

When the final table rolled around on Jan. 12, Maria Lampropulos was the first to fall. The 2017 Millions champion made an all-in move with ace-queen but couldn’t get past Jack Hardcastle’s pocket nines.

With a former champion out in eighth and the deadlock broken, Hardcastle was the next to fall. Unable to put Lampropulos’s chips to good use, Englishman took a shot with K♦T♦.

Staring at a 9♥3♦J♦ board, Hardcastle juiced up the pot and committed the remainder of his stack after pressure from Christian Rudolph. Happy to make the call with pocket queens, Rudolph had to fade a plethora of outs and did so as the 6♣ and T♠ fell on the turn and river.

As another player headed for the door, Suarez sat back as those around him pushed the pace. Eventually, with three left, the Swede made his move. American James Romero felt confident enough to move all-in with K♦J♦, but Suarez was more than willing to call.

Holding a set of deuces on Q♦2♥K♣ board, Suarez was comfortably in front. That advantage remained as the turn and river drew blanks for Romero.

Suarez Becomes Partypoker Live Millions Champion

That elimination gave Suarez the momentum but his route to victory was far from smooth. In a swingy heads-up match, both players stepped on the gas. In the end, a desperate move with 7♥4♥ brought the Partypoker Live Millions main event to an end.

Happy to call Rudolph’s all-in, Suarez tabled A♦8♥ and sealed the deal when the A♠ fell on the turn. With the final board showing 9♦K♣2♦A♠9♣, the pot was pushed towards Suarez, as was a Partypoker Live Millions trophy.

Partypoker Live Millions UK Result

1 – Anton Suarez – $1,000,000

2 – Christian Rudolph – $620,000

3 – James Romero – $420,000

4 – James Clarke – $311,000

5 – Frederik Andersson – $230,000

6 – Weijie Zheng – $170,000

7 – Jack Hardcastle – $130,000

8 – Maria Lampropulos – $100,000

Speaking after the fact, Suarez said the win was unexpected but more than worth it. As a cash game player that occasionally dabbles in tournaments, he told onsite reporters that he was “super happy” with his $1 million payday.


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