Rumors Swirl Around Daniel Cates Hitman Allegations

August 27th, 2014 | by Jason Reynolds
Poker pro Daniel Cates

Daniel Cates is on the firing line after an accusation by Noah Boeken.(Image:

Did Daniel Cates, long considered one of the best online and heads-up poker pros in history, hire a hitman to enforce an outstanding debt? That’s the question the poker community is currently asking after the American pro’s recent chat box tirade. Ever since Cates burst onto the poker scene and crushed the online world using the screen name “Jungleman12,” he’s always had somewhat of a temper.

Seemingly the embodiment of the fine line between genius and madness, Cates has had a number of altercations with many of the game’s top pros, including a famous TV clash with Scott Seiver.

A New Level of Tilt

However, Cates’ latest verbal tirade was by far the most controversial,  and came after Dutch pro Noah Boeken beat him for a six-figure sum. Incensed that he’d lost to someone who he considers a lesser player, Cates accused his Dutch opponent of cheating and of allowing Patrik Antonius to use his account. Naturally Boeken took offense and fired back at the American pro by saying: “just don’t send me a hitman for Christmas.”

Cates responded that it was “tempting,” before claiming not to know anything about “that guy.” Of course, anything that’s said in the heat of battle can’t be taken too seriously; however, the moment the phrase “hitman” was used, the poker community’s interest was piqued.

Who is That Guy?

Although it’s unclear whether there actually was a gun-toting gangster enforcing a bad debt, it is clear that an incident involving a mutual acquaintance of the two players did take place. Who “that guy” was and what he allegedly did will probably never be known. However, the accusation from Boeken has certainly raised questions about Cates’ temperament.

Regardless of whether Boeken’s allegation was simply a bluff designed to annoy Cates, the resultant chat log was certainly entertaining:

Cates: Hey add me on Skype and we can play later also.
Boeken: Rather not, you’ll probably hack me.
Boeken: You and your hacker friends. And your hitman.
Cates: I’ve never hacked anyone.
Cates: I’m tempted to report you and push for my money back.
Boeken: It’s all over the net that you cheat. So stop accusing me.
Cates: ok bud.
Cates: say good bye to your account.
Cates: I’ve report you to Stars and posted on 2+2 that Patrik MA’ed me.
Cates: you can go **** yourself.
Boeken: Whenever you lose you just think people cheat.
Cates: You admitted Patrik played.
Boeken: You played so ***** bad that day my sister would have beaten you.

Daniel Cates vs. Scott Seiver

Aside from defending himself against claims that he hired a hitman to collect a debt, Daniel Cates also had a famous clash with Scott Seiver. During a televised heat of the PartyPoker Premier League, Cates dropped the f-bomb after Seiver accused him of deliberately acting out of turn in order to gain an advantage. An awkward back-and-forth argument ensued before it was brought to a resolution by Phil Hellmuth and Sam Trickett.


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