PokerStars Pennsylvania Launch Rumored but Stars Group Remains Silent

August 23rd, 2019 | by Kaycee James

Rumors are rife that PokerStars is planning to launch its next US poker site in the state of Pennsylvania.

PokerStars Pennsylvania

Rumors suggest PokerStars Pennsylvania could be about to go live for beta testing. (Image: PokerStars)

Although efforts to confirm the speculation have been met with silence, rumblings online suggest they may be true.

Tweet Sets Tongues Wagging

Talks regarding the launch of PokerStars Pennsylvania started on August 19 thanks a tweet from Michael Gagliano. A representative for Borgata Poker, Gags30 wrote that sources close to The Stars Group have said beta testing is imminent.

Seeking confirmation, Pokerfuse reached out to PokerStars but was met with a wall of silence. Chiming into the debate, PlayPennsylvania said its team had heard similar rumors.

Prior to Pennsylvania’s first online casinos going live in July, many believed poker would be first to launch. However, it later emerged that an official timeline hadn’t been put in place.

“We could see one up and running before the end of summer,” Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s (PGCB) Director of Communication, Doug Harbach, told USPoker on August 6.

Adding further fuel, CEO of The Stars Group, Rafi Askenazi, recently told investors that poker in the US remains a short-term goal.

With an active site in New Jersey and Pennsylvania the only other state where PokerStars has regulatory approval, it seems like a sure bet something will happen in the coming weeks.

Pennsylvania Bidding to Dominate US Online Gaming

Despite the lack of clarity regarding online poker in Pennsylvania, the state is already building a reputation for excellence. As the initial crop of casinos were taking bets, the regulator took time to remind consumers of their rights.

Aiming to tackle any early issues before they develop into major problems, the PGCB detailed its official complaints procedure. By taking a proactive rather than reactive approach, it hopes to become the leader in US online gaming.

Indeed, with a population of 13 million, the Keystone State has more potential than New Jersey based on prospective players alone.

While a bigger population won’t necessarily translate into more success, the right approach could see the local market grow quickly.

If the rumors are true and PokerStars Pennsylvania does go live in the coming days, it would give the operator a huge advantage. With no other brands currently looking to launch a poker site in the region, it would have a monopoly.

Given that it’s already the biggest name in online poker, an early launch could give PokerStars an insurmountable lead before other operators have even anted up.


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