PokerStars Gets Twitch Users Talking with Chat Plays Poker Innovation

September 30th, 2019 | by Greg Shaun

PokerStars is helping novices dive into a world of bets and bluffs with an innovative streaming concept known as Chat Plays Poker.

PokerStars Twitch Chat Plays Poker

PokerStars has launched a new Twitch innovation called Chat Plays Poker. (Image: PokerStars)

Under development since the start of 2019, the Twitch extension went live on September 26.

To celebrate the launch, PokerStars hosted a special home game featuring Chris Moneymaker and Joe Stapleton. As part of the fun, Run It Up’s Jason Sommerville lent his expert commentary and streaming experience to the mix.

Viewers Vote on Poker Hands

During the course of the three-hour cash game, players were able to take part in the action courtesy of Chat Plays Poker. Thanks to the Twitch add-on, viewers have the ability to sit in a phantom seat at the table.

Dealt into a hand just like everyone else, the “chat team” has to decide how to proceed by voting on the available moves. The play that garners the most support is the one the phantom player makes.

This combination of entertainment and being able to influence the action is novel concept in the online poker community. Although Twitch hosts a number of interactive games, PokerStars’ innovation stands alone.

The initial stream provided a first look at the product and raised some money for charity. However, PokerStars will want Chat Plays Poker to reach a whole new audience.

With IDNPoker claiming top spot in the industry’s traffic stakes in recent months, PokerStars needs fresh blood. Although it remains the most recognizable name in online poker, pressure from other operators is forcing it to evolve.

Chat Plays Poker Building Bridges

Casual gamers and novices have become the main target for poker sites in recent months, which is why PokerStars has pushed some novel ideas. Virtual reality is proving to be one of its most successful offsite offerings but Twitch remains a well of untapped potential.

A number of operators, including the WSOP, currently have a presence on Twitch, but few have taken full advantage of its resources.

By launching Chat Plays Poker, PokerStars is looking to buck the trend and engage a daily userbase of 15 million+ people.

Because viewers can influence the action without paying to play, Chat Plays Poker is an ideal way to learn without any financial risk. Given that Twitch is the go-to platform for gamers, it could provide a new route into the action.

Although it may not open the floodgates to millions of new players, the potential is there. What’s more, the Twitch extension is another way for PokerStars to reassert its position as the industry’s leading operator.


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