PokerStars Files Lawsuit Against Erick Lindgren for $2.5 Million

February 5th, 2015 | by Brian Corlisse
PokerStars claiming $2.5 million from Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren is liable for $2.5 million, according to former backer Full Tilt, now owned by Rational Group. (Image:

Erick Lindgren was once on top of the poker world, but things seemed to have taken a dramatic turn for the American pro in recent years, and he’s now facing a $2.5 million lawsuit from his former employer.

According to a recent article by Courthouse News, Rational FT Enterprises, the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt has filed a claim against Lindgren for debts dating back to 2011.

Submitted by Craig Denney of Snell & Wilmer, Reno, on behalf of the company late last week, the lawsuit outlines debts and mistaken payments worth in excess of $2.5 million.

On top of what the document describes as “erroneous” payments, PokerStars’ parent company is also seeking payment for damages suffered as a result of Lindgren’s non-payment.

Lindgren’s Liability

In total Rational FT is suing Lindgren for $531,807, which it calls an outstanding loan, plus a further $2 million sum that was “erroneously” paid into the former Full Tilt pro’s account as payment for his services as a sponsored pro.

This payment, which was made back in April 2011, is highlighted as clerical mistaken, but one that Lindgren took advantage of.

During his time with Full Tilt, Lindgren was reportedly sent a check for $2 million by the poker site. However, at the same time the check was sent an identical payment was made into his account.

At the time the incident went unnoticed and Lindgren failed to report the error to his employer.

The issue then remained dormant until PokerStars’ parent company took control of Full Tilt.

An initial attempt to retrieve the money was subsequently made; however, Lindgren was going through bankruptcy proceedings at the time which meant the claim was put on hold.

Bankruptcy Isn’t an Option

Those proceedings are now complete and Rational FT now believes it has just cause to chase the debt as it wasn’t discharged during the bankruptcy process.

To Lindgren’s credit, when the accusations were first brought to light he didn’t deny them. However, since declaring bankruptcy he has failed to address the issue and repay the debt Rational FT believes he owes.

Moreover, Lindgren has remained active on the poker circuit, with his latest appearances being at the 2014 WSOP where he cashed in four events for almost $150,000.

As yet Lindgren hasn’t commented on the issue via any of his social media channels.

Erick Lindgren was once considered among the world’s finest MTT players and during his early career he managed to achieve success at the WSOP as well as the WPT. In fact, the American pro’s last big win came back in 2013 when he overcame 515 players in the $5,000 6-Max event at the WSOP.

On that occasion he managed to beat Lee Markholt heads-up to claim his second bracelet and $606,317.

As well as being a live tournament pro, Lindgren was a member of Team Full Tilt where he earned a reputation as a major sports bettor.

Willing to wager money on almost anything, Lindgren also famously completed four rounds of golf in a single day during the WSOP to win a reported $1 million.



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