Pokercent License Suspended After UK Player Complaints

September 7th, 2014 | by Brian Corlisse
PokerCent has online license suspended by UKGC

Pokercent is offering refunds to its players as the UKGC investigation into poor business practices gets underway; the company’s license has been suspended. (Image:

Pokercent, a recently launched independent poker room that caters to the European market, has had its license suspended by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) due to concerns about its operations. There have been complaints about the site in recent months from forum posters who have reported, variously, an inability to withdraw funds, caps on withdrawals at $200 every two weeks, poor customer service, and a lack of coherent English speakers within the customer service department.

The site is operated by a company called Silverline Interactiv [sic] Technologies, which is registered in London, but appears to be Czech. The UKGC stated that it had decided to suspend the license, pending a review of the company’s business practices following a complaint from a player who had failed to receive a withdrawal and had been treated poorly be the site’s customer service team.

“The Commission has decided to commence a review because we are concerned the licensee is operating in a manner which is not consistent with the licensing objectives in regard to ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open manner,” it said in a statement.

Offering Refunds

Meanwhile, a visit to the Pokercent website reveals the following message: “Dear Players, the operation of the card room PokerCent has been suspended. The Gambling Commission of the UK, which is the provider of our gaming license, has requested a new certificate of the gaming software. During the time of the testing by an approved Test House, the card room must not operate. The estimated start date is 1/10/2014 [October 1]. If you require a deposit refund, please contact our support via: [email protected]. Our live support will be available every day from 11a.m. until 3p.m. during the time of the software testing. Thank you for your understanding!”

One poster on the 2+2 forums, “AntonAQ,” complained that he had failed to receive $500 after requesting a cash-out. He also posts a letter he sent to the “controlling organization,” i.e., the UKGC, which suggests his complaint could be the reason behind the UKGC investigation.

Account Frozen

“After 2 or 3 evenings chatting with support it occurs that it was MY FAULT why cashout was canceled,” reads AntonAQ’s letter to the UKGC. “They said I DIDN’T PUT my Neteller ID, so they have no place to send money. But their software does not PROVIDE any field for that!!! You can only choose an amount to cashout, but no field to enter ID.

“I also, has to mention, that their English communication is even worse than mine,” he continues, amusingly. “It is impossible to understand what they saying very often. So after that they blocked and freezed my account – with no explanation about it!!! Just blocked and taken away my money. I was trying to get a simple question – WHY they did that?”

Players’ forum complaints have generally been followed by abrasive posts in impenetrable English from Pokercent staff masquerading as players, which have only served to inflame matters.


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