Phil Galfond Offers Sneak Peak Ahead of Run It Once Beta Testing Ballot

September 5th, 2018 | by Jason Reynolds

Phil Galfond’s Run It Once poker site won’t be ready on time but a select number of players are being invited to beta test the product.

Phil Galfond Run It Once.

Phil Galfond has given players a preview of Run It Once and confirmed a new beta testing phase will take place in September. (Image: YouTube/Run It Once)

Outlining the current state of the project via his YouTube channel, Galfond admitted the summer launch date won’t happen. Despite missing the deadline, the software is working as the high stakes pro demonstrated in the 18-minute video.

Making the Site User-Friendly

As well as recapping many of the main features, Galfond played a live session and noted some of the subtle changes his team has made based on player feedback. In addition to adjusting certain color schemes and graphics, the developers are working to make the action buttons more responsive.

The buttons are going to be changing, we’re going to make them more responsive. One thing I’ve always advocated for is, I like when buttons feel as though they’re reacting to me, so I know the software is hearing me,” Galfond said during the September 3 video.

This focus on building a site that caters to player’s wants and desires is something Galfond has been hot on since announcing the project in 2016. Reacting to what he saw as a move against regular players by the larger online poker sites, Galfond decided to create Run It Once.

The Site Where Everyone is Welcome

On May 2, the respected pro went into detail about some of the features. As well as developing an environment that caters to all skill levels, Galfond confirmed that heads-up displays (HUDs) will be banned.

Over the last few years, HUDs have been used by experienced players to track the betting habits of their opponents. Using these stats, professionals have found it easier to hunt down and exploit weaker players, something that eventually leads to novices leaving the game.

Many of the leading poker sites have worked to stop HUDs in recent years, but Galfond has come up with an alternative solution. Although players won’t be able to use HUDs, they will be able to get certain information from dynamic avatars.

Using an emotion-based system, the facial expressions and mannerisms of each avatar will change depending on how someone is playing. Put simply, the site’s software will track a player’s stats and adjust the avatar accordingly.

For Galfond, this system makes it possible for regulars to pick up some of the information they need while still offering weaker players a level of protection. The hope is that this will create a more balanced ecosystem where novices aren’t run out of town and pros can still make a profit.

For now, the official launch date for Run It Once is undetermined. However, Galfond has confirmed that a random draw will take place on September 13 and give 1,000 players beta access to the site.


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