Pensioner Accused of Poker Shooting Over Stolen Bankroll

April 23rd, 2016 | by Kaycee James
 poker player Ethal Barron charged with murder.

71-year-old Ethal Barron from Tuscaloosa ups the ante-up in the debt recovery stakes after allegedly shooting her opponent. (Image: Tuscaloosa Police Department)

A poker shooting in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, between two retired pensioners has left one woman facing charges of attempted murder and one man with a hole in his leg.

Ethal Barron of Tuscaloosa was arrested by local police earlier this week after she was accused of shooting a 70-year-old man in the leg during a poker game.

Shooting Over an Alleged Theft

According to the police report, officers were called to the Forest Lake Apartments at 6:30am on April 20 after reports of a shooting. On entering the building the officers found the man bleeding from his leg thanks to a gunshot wound.

After the man was taken to the hospital for treatment, he accused 71-year-old Barron of causing the injury following an argument over money.

The dispute reportedly centered on some stolen cash and the man claims Barron accused him of the crime before shooting him. It’s then claimed that Barron made off with the man’s money in lieu of the debt she he owed him

Barron has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder and is now being held on a $60,000 in Tuscaloosa County Jail.

A History of Home Game Violence

Tales of poker shootings are, unfortunately, all too common in home games. Back in November 2015 Oklahoma’s Robert Carmona reportedly shot Victor Perez after a verbal altercation at the table.

As the argument escalated, the two men took things outside and that’s when Carmona allegedly drew his gun and fired two rounds at Perez. One of the bullets hit Perez in the neck and by the time officers arrived on the scene he was pronounced dead.

Carmona was eventually arrested, but while this battle was between two men in their twenties, the latest story of poker shootings is a little more off-the-wall.

Quite why a pensioner would go to such extreme lengths to retire a so-called debt is unclear, but what it clear is that Ethal Barron will now have to put on her best poker face when she appears in front of a judge to answer charges of attempted murder.


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