Pennsylvania Seeks Online Gaming With Help From Stars Group and Pokerstars

August 13th, 2018 | by Kaycee James

Pennsylvania poker players soon won’t have to leave the couch to play a hand thanks to a partnership between Mount Airy Casino Resort and The Stars Group.

Pennsylvania online poker

Pennsylvania will join the ranks of New Jersey and others soon, by offering online gaming to the public in conjuction with Stars Group. (Image: AP)

The Stars Group, which owns PokerStars, will team up with the Pennsylvania casino to offer online poker, as well as sports betting and casino games, to players.

The parties now await licensing from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

The partnership, which was announced on August 10, is the second of its kind between the Canadian-based Stars Group and a US gaming entity. Earlier in the month, the company announced it would be extending an existing agreement with Resorts Casino in New Jersey to include mobile sports betting.

Pennsylvania Getting Noticed

Last November The Stars Group announced plans to invest in the state of Pennsylvania following a 21.7 percent revenue increase in the third quarter.  That announcement came less than a month after the passage of House Bill 271 through the Pennsylvania legislature, which paved the way for Pennsylvania to become just the fourth state – along with Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware – to allow online poker.

“We’re excited to take this next step as The Stars Group looks to broaden its presence in the United States,” said Matt Primeaux, Senior VP of Strategy & Operations for TSG in a statement.

Mount Airy VP of Marketing & Gaming Operations Vincent Jordan suggested the move is one the casino is aiming to solve the “millennium” conundrum facing the gaming industry.

“Introducing internet gaming through The Stars Group will provide compelling opportunities for our customers, particularly our younger customers, who are ready to experience the next gaming challenge,” he said.

Stars Group Continues Growth

As more players are placing bets at the virtual casino and sportsbook, The Stars Group is also seeking to expand its identity. Poker has been the company’s staple, but last year’s financial reports showed that that poker revenue dropped from 72.7 percent of the company’s total revenue in 2016 to 67.2 percent in 2017.

“In partnership with Mounty Airy Casino Resort, we believe we’re well positioned to capitalize on opportunities in the Commonwealth by bringing our world leading offerings to Pennsylvania players,” Primeaux said.


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