New Gaming Show Could Give WPT Unexpected Boost

February 11th, 2019 | by Greg Shaun

A new eSports show featuring KittyPlays could help the World Poker Tour (WPT) tap into a new community of gaming fans.

Kristen Michaela shows could help WPT

The WPT’s sister company Allied Esports is going live with a new gaming show featuring streamer Kristen Michael. (Image: Twitter/@KittyPlays)

Announced on February 10, PlayTime™ with KittyPlays will be streamed in front of a live audience at the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas. Allied Esports, the company behind the show, has said it will feature celebrity chats, gameplay and news updates

Ourgame Offering New Opportunities for WPT

While the product is primarily aimed at gamers, it could have an indirect effect on the WPT. Allied Esports Entertainment is owned by the poker tour’s parent company Ourgame.

Ourgame CEO Frank Ng has said PlayTime will draw on Kristen Michaela’s (aka KittyPlays) popularity to engage to the gaming community. With more than 500,000 social media followers and over 130,000 viewer hours on Twitch, Fortnite player Michaela is a rising eSports star.

However, as well as using the show to boost Allied Esports’ profile, it could funnel viewers over to the WPT.

“PlayTime is an outstanding kickoff to a year of what we intend to be a much larger, comprehensive content offering to come from Allied Esports, and we’re confident that Kristen’s magnetic personality and skill will carry this concept far beyond our own lofty expectations,” Ng said on February 10.

WPT Making Multiple Media Moves

The WPT has already been drawn into the gaming community via its partnership with FansUnite. Although not a direct sponsor of the gaming show produced QYOU Media, it’s blockchain-based partner is.

In tandem with a tacit connection to blockchain technology and eSports, the WPT joined forces with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group in January. As part of the deal, the tour’s top events will be shown on a new online streaming platform known as STIRR.

Beyond expanding its online network, the WPT has increased its offline presence in recent months. On February 7, the WPT inked a deal with BT Sport.

By forging a deal with the TV broadcaster, the WPT will not only be seen by more poker fans in the UK but expose poker to a broader range of general sports fans.

With a clear desire to innovate, the WPT may find a way to leverage Allied Esports’ new show. If that happens, it would not only bolster the WPT but bring more attention to the poker industry in general.


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