Mehmet Hassan’s Killers Sentenced to 88 Years 

April 30th, 2015 | by Kaycee James
Poker pro Mehmet Hassan's killers sentenced.

The three people found guilty of killing Mehmet Hassan have been sentenced to a total of 88 years in prison. (Image: MET Police)

The three people convicted of murdering a British poker pro in what’s been described as a “honey trap” operation have been sentenced to more than 80 years in prison.

Despite taking almost a year to bring the case to a close, the judge responsible for sentencing Mehmet Hassan’s killers, Judge William Kennedy, showed little compassion as he read his verdict.

Appalled by the evidence he’d heard and the footage captured after the gang hand kicked the poker player to death, Kennedy decided to hand down the toughest sentences possible to Leonie Granger, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler.

Honey Trap Not So Sweet for Killers

Noting them as “honey trap” killers who lured Hassan into a deadly trap, Kennedy read out sentences totaling 88 years. In his review of the case, the Judge described the gang’s actions as “pitiless and wicked” and for that reason he was compelled to show little compassion.

During the preceding case which determined the guilt of the gang, the legal team representing Granger, the lone female in the case, claimed that it was love that caused her to act out of character.

Stating that it was Jackson who convinced her to win the affections of Hassan, lawyers argued that she should receive a leaner sentence because she now regretted her actions.

Unfortunately for Granger, Kennedy was as unsympathetic as he believed she was from the outset. Painting her out to be a calculated individual, Kennedy had no hesitation in slapping Granger with a 16 year prison sentence.

Stiff Sentences for Murderers

As for Jackson and Chandler, the judge was clear that their actions, including how they filmed themselves throwing around £50 notes after killing Hassan, was totally disgusting and something that spoke a “deafening” eloquence about their personalities. Given the brutal nature of their crimes, Kennedy had no choice but to sentence both Jackson and Chandler to 36 years each in prison.

With the case now closed and the three killers behind bars for at least the next ten years, the family of Mehmet Hassan can now try and come to terms with what happened. According to members of the poker community that knew him, Hassan was a lively character who always played with a smile on his face.

Despite not being a regular on the tournament circuit, he was a solid cash game player and regularly took part in London’s biggest games.

Following the news of his death a huge outpouring of shock and condolences rang out across social media from some of the UK’s leading players.


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