Irish Poker Masters Result: Will Kassouf Turns Satellite Ticket into Online Title

December 18th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

The often controversial and rarely silent Will Kassouf has won the 2020 Irish Poker Masters Online Main Event.

Will Kassouf

Will Kassouf has turned a satellite ticket into more than $200,000 after winning the Online Irish Poker Masters. (Image: Twitter/William Kassouf)

Kassouf has ruffled the feathers of many a player since his infamous appearance at the 2016 WSOP. However, during his latest winning run, the Englishman let his chips do the talking.

What’s even more impressive about the win is the fact he qualified for the €1,100/$1,332 Irish Poker Masters Online Main Event for just €109/$131.

Partypoker Ensures Craic Continues Online

Owing to COVID-19, the Irish Poker Masters took place on Partypoker this month. 1,340 players joined the event but only nine could make the final table on December 16.

Jessica Teusl started as the short stack and her time in the spotlight was fleeting. With a line-up that included players such as Manuel Ruivo, staying in afloat was always going to be tough.

Teusl’s final stand came with A-J. Unfortunately for her, Luc Van Der Beek had A-K. An ace on the board gave both players a pair but Van Der Beek took the pot with a better kicker.

With that, the deadlock was broken. Kassouf was content to sit tight as those around him decimated each other’s stacks. Eventually, however, he had to make a move.

With three players left and both opponents holding 3X more chips than he had, the Englishman got to work. As he slowly chipped up, Manuel Ruivo ousted Finland’s Samuel Vousden. That was the break Kassouf needed.

Will Kassouf Claims Irish Poker Masters Title

Being a master of manipulation and unorthodox tactics, Kassouf was able to drag himself back into contention heads-up. It took over an hour to pull ahead but, once he was in the lead, Kassouf never looked back.

The final hand saw Ruivo move all-in pre-flop with 7♦ 6♦ and Kassouf call. Under any other circumstances, the 8♠ 7♣ 7♠ flop would have been perfect for Ruivo.

However, with Kassouf holding pocket eights, it was a disaster. The 4♣ and 6♥ on the turn and river didn’t change things, leaving Kassouf to win the final pot.

Irish Poker Masters Online Main Event Result

1 – Will Kassouf – $216,932

2 – Manuel Ruivo – $180,109

3 – Samuel Vousden – $123,620

4 – Anton Siden – $80,585

5 – Julien Perouse – $55,053

6 – Luc Van Der Beek – $42,419

7 – Michael Deinlein – $33,351

8 – Dante Fernandes – $26,331

9 – Jessica Teusl – $20,687

A runner-up spot for Ruivo meant he took home $180,109. He can add that to the $728,177 he won earlier this week for finishing third in the international WSOP Main Event.

For Kassouf, turning a satellite ticket into an Irish Poker Masters title will be another notch on his growing list of achievements.


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