Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree Part Ways with PokerStars

November 15th, 2019 | by Kaycee James

Two more long-serving pros have left Team PokerStars in a bid to focus on new ventures as the gaming operator presses ahead with its new multi-faceted marketing strategy.

Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree

Igor Kurganov and Liv Boeree have parted ways with PokerStars. (Image: PokerStars)

Following the recent departure of Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov have followed suit. Posting a tweet on November 13, Kurganov confirmed the couple are splitting from PokerStars.

Boeree was quick to echo the sentiment via your Twitter page before announcing that she’s also be spending less time at the felt. With a history of TV appearances and TED talks, the English poker pro wants to focus on creating online content and hosting seminars.

Pros Big Farewell to PokerStars

PokerStars’ Director of Marketing Eric Hollreiser was first to thank the pair for their services. An official tweet from PokerStars followed, as did a sea of well wishes from the game’s great and good.

With Kurganov and Boeree gone, the number of original pro team members is dwindling. Chris Moneymaker, Andre Akkari and Lex Veldhuis now rank among the most senior members of the team.

In recent months, the line-up of sponsored players has become increasingly diverse. As well as emerging talent, social media stars and streamers have been drafted in.

By enlisting the services of online personalities such as Arlie Shaban and Ben Spragg, PokerStars is aiming to reach a wider audience.

As its interests in the betting world expand beyond poker and into casino gaming, sports betting and other ventures, bringing in new faces has become necessary.

New Focus Brings in New Faces

This change of tactic has led to many of those strongly associated with poker parting ways with the company.

Whether forced or mutual, this changing of the guard has become symbolic of PokerStars’ evolution within the gaming industry.

Although it remains one of the largest online poker sites in the world, casino gaming and sports are gaining momentum. Indeed, with poker revenue losing its significance within PokerStars’ overall earnings, marketing efforts have shifted accordingly.

While poker and poker players will remain part of the set-up, more changes are likely in the future. As contracts expire and new personalities are brought in, it may mean more familiar faces part ways with PokerStars in the coming months and years.


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