Gus Hansen Invest “Millions” in Bridge Invention

January 16th, 2015 | by Kaycee James
Gus Hansen invests in a new bridge shuffle machine called Bridge+Dealer.

Gus Hansen bridge investment worth “millions”.

Gus Hansen, one of the online poker world’s biggest losers, might have had rough time at the virtual felt recently, but it seems as though years of turmoil haven’t decimated his bankroll.

According to a recent article by Danish publication Berlingske Business Growth, Hansen has used some spare cash and invested in a new shuffling machine for bridge tournaments.

Despite losing $20 million in high stakes online poker games, Hansen is a fan of all strategy based games (especially if money is involved), including backgammon and bridge.

An All-In Investment

This connection to another card based game has given Hansen the inclination to invest in a device that shuffles, deals and records action during bridge tournaments.

Although the exact amount isn’t divulged in the article, Hansen is quoted as saying that he’s moved in for “millions”(this could be Danish Krone) to help develop the product.

Also backing Bridge+Dealer is Danish businessman and founder of FOSS Analytical A/S, Nils Foss.

The electronics expert’s latest creation debuted at the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational this week in front of Denmark’s royal bridge lover, HRH Prince Henrik. q

Interestingly, the stage for the product’s grand unveiling is also the platform from which Gus Hansen announced himself to the bridge world.

Back in 2010 the poker pro, along with his partner Tom Hanion, managed to fend off some of the best players in Scandinavia to win the title.

A Bridge too Far?

When asked to comment on the similarities between poker and bridge, Hansen referred to the tournament aspect as well as the psychology involved.

“A bridge tournament is very social, and I think it applies generally to poker tournaments as well.”

In the spectrum of potential investments Hansen could have made, this one doesn’t appear to be complete negative EV.

When compared to some of the more generic or ill-thought out business ideas by poker players over the years, it certainly looks a lot more sensible.

Moreover, it seems like a better way for the Dane to spend his money instead of spreading it among the poker community’s high stakes sharks.

High Stakes Investments

Whether or not Gus Hansen’s business investment will pay dividends remains to be seen, but it’s probably safe to say that it will be more of a success than the following business flops:

Johnny Chan – All In Energy Drink: Putting his name to a poker themed energy drink might have seemed like a good idea to former WSOP Main Event champion, Johnny Chan. However, when the drink failed to impress the poker community, he was left with more than a nasty taste in his mouth.

Chad Brown – Bustout Clothing: Along with a few investors, the late Chad Brown thought he spotted a gap in the market when it came to poker clothing. Taking inspiration from fight brand, Affliction, Brown launched Bustout Clothing. Although not a complete flop, the apparel failed to become a uniform for avid poker players.

Phil Gordon – Jawfish Games: The brainchild of former Full Tilt pro, Phil Gordon, Jawfish Games aimed to become one of the leading brands in the mobile gaming industry. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite pan out for Gordon and the company announced its closure in 2014. However, failure doesn’t seem to have affected Gordon’s spirit as he recently set up a new mobile focused company called Tetrapod.


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