Dutch Boyd Apologizes to Mason Malmuth for Domain Squatting

July 11th, 2014 | by Brian Corlisse
Dutch Boyd, Mason Malmuth, domain squatting, TwoPlusTwo

Dutch Boyd has apologized to Mason Malmuth for squatting on a Two Plus Two domain and other actions he now regrets. (Image: PokerListings.com)

The legal battle between poker player Dutch Boyd and Two Plus Two Publishing hasn’t exactly been setting the poker world on fire over the last five years, but it has been one of the longer-running unresolved legal feuds in gambling. Now, after years of posturing, name-calling and court rulings, it appears that it might finally be coming to an amicable end.

Dutch Boyd has issued an apology to Two Plus Two owner Mason Malmuth in an apparent attempt to smooth things over with the publisher. In the letter, which Malmuth published on the Two Plus Two poker forums, Boyd admits to being in the wrong in virtually every aspect of the case.

Boyd Squats on Two Plus Two Poker Domain

For those unfamiliar with the conflict, the story began in 2009 when Boyd (through his company Jacknames.com) registered the twoplustwopoker.com domain name. That quickly brought a lawsuit from Two Plus Two, which accused Boyd of infringing on its trademark and cybersquatting.

Eventually, Boyd admitted that he owned and operated the site as an affiliate marketing venture. In 2012, a court ruled in favor of Two Plus Two, awarding the site nearly $60,000 between a statutory judgment and legal fees. Boyd appealed that ruling, but it was once again upheld in an appellate court this May.

In the letter, Boyd says that he was wrong both in his initial actions and in his behavior while the legal proceedings were ongoing.

“Although I was initially defensive and angry, I’ve come to realize that my actions were wrong and unjustified,” Boyd wrote. “Regardless of my motives, it was improper for me to register the www.twoplustwopoker.com domain name, which belongs to your company.”

Boyd goes on to apologize for “trying to profit” from hosting the site, as well as later trying to sell the domain.

“I realize now that it makes no difference how much money I might have made from this domain, or when you ultimately obtained it: cybersquatting is stealing, and the act of registration itself led to a legitimate lawsuit against me,” he continued.

Apology Extends to Behavior During Case

Boyd also apologized for many of the things he said about Malmuth and Two Plus Two during and after the case.

“Contrary to what I may have said (or encouraged others to say), I don’t believe you are a ‘bully,’ and I don’t believe this case was simply about a ‘money grab.’ Neither I nor anyone else should have insulted you personally about this matter,” he wrote.

“Put simply, I am sorry for my actions, and I have learned a lesson,” Boyd wrote in his conclusion.

Apology Accepted, For Now

When pressed for a response on the Two Plus Two forums, Malmuth said that the apology was accepted, assuming nothing further happens.

“The apology is conditionally accepted, but we’ll watch and see how Boyd behaves in the future and that will determine our final position,” Malmuth wrote. He also confirmed that the company had received a payment of $60,000 from Boyd to cover the judgment.

The letter comes after a very successful World Series of Poker for Boyd, who won a bracelet in a $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event. Boyd has won three bracelets in his career, and has nearly $2.5 million in career live tournament winnings.


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