Doug Polk Generates Heat with Latest YouTube Breakdown

August 9th, 2019 | by Kaycee James

Doug Polk and his trolling skills seemingly know no bounds as his recent move on Charlie Carrel may have sparked more than a war of words.

Doug Polk

Doug Polk has used his trolling skills to generate some more entertainment for the poker community. (Image: YouTube/Doug Polk Poker)

Never one to shy away from a controversial comment or quirky quip, Polk made Carrel the focus of a recent YouTube video.

A successful tournament player from the UK, Carrel is no stranger to critics. However, certain comments appear to have touched a nerve.

Doug Polk Pokes Charlie Carrel

According to an August 7 tweet, the Brit wasn’t happy about Polk’s defamation of his charity project.

“Just to be clear: the video where you knowingly lied about/defamed a charity project, which could prevent it from helping people, because you disliked the owner in a childish feud,” Carrel wrote.

Polk was quick to question where he’d made an error but things quickly escalated.

As the thread developed, the rights and wrongs of what were said fell by the wayside and the debate turned to the legal implications of statements made online.

With a potential lawsuit from Carell hanging over his head, Polk argued that any assumed implications he made back in April weren’t illegal.

Viewers of Polk’s video (see video below – from 7:22 onwards) can decide for themselves whether the comments about Carell’s charity were defamatory. However, what’s clear is that Polk has used the earlier incident to needle Carrel.

Aside from being a skilled poker player, the American is equally adept at generating views for his YouTube channel. With his deliberately provocative style, he knows how to create they type of heat poker fans are interested in.

Online Beef Makes Poker Entertaining

The latest “beef” has clearly had that effect. In among the various memes and gifs posted in response to the Twitter thread, some fans gave Polk the advantage in the trash talking stakes.

“The wat reply is the best thing on Twitter today…..Doug wins this round a solid 10-8,” Jamie Luraschi tweeted.

While no one is out to diminish the charitable work of Carrel, the feud has become another source of drama for the poker community. Even though the disagreement may have a serious undertone, the contrasting personalities involved have made it entertaining.

Over the last five years, poker operators have worked hard to attract casual players. However, when players such as Doug Polk find ways to break the monotony of the daily grind, it can often do more for the game’s appeal.

Indeed, even if the back-and-forth leads to legal action, it’s certainly something railbirds will be tuning into as things develop.


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