Alex Foxen Spends Over $50K to Win $10K WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic

December 23rd, 2019 | by Jason Reynolds

The last World Poker Tour (WPT) of 2019 has given Alex Foxen his second biggest payday but the manner in which he won has been criticized by some members of the community.

Alex Foxen WPT win

Alex Foxen has won the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic after entering five times. (Image: WPT/Joe Giron)

With tournament poker as a whole on a high, the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Las Vegas was always likely to draw a crowd. To help generate the biggest prizepool possible, the organizers put a re-entry system in place.

Prior to the event, unlimited re-entry events were the target of rant by Daniel Negreanu. Once a proponent of the system, he’s considering firing just one bullet during tournaments in 2020.

Players Cold on Re-Entry Tournaments

Harking back to a time when freezeouts reigned supreme, the Canadian’s words sparked a debate. With the issue at the forefront of the community’s mind, Foxen and the WPT have reignited the discussion.

For the organization itself, 1,035 entries were enough to set a WPT Five Diamond record and generate a prizepool topping $10.3 million. That allowed Foxen to bank $1.6 million and a WPT main event title.

However, in re-entering the $10,400 event five times, Foxe’s efforts have come under fire from some. Broadcaster Norman Chad was quick to react, saying that firing multiple bullets cheapens a “prestigious” WPT tournament.

That comment struck a chord as other players tweeted their opinions.

On the other side of the coin, others defended Foxen and the WPT’s decision to use an unlimited re-entry structure.

Despite the debate over the merits of winning a title after buying in five times, Foxen is now a WPT champion.

Foxen Wins WPT Title with Dominant Performance

Play got underway inside the Bellagio on December 16. Coming through the early stages with a few battle scars, Foxen built a stack on the fifth time of asking and made it to the final table with 9.7 million chips.

That was enough of a stack to start the day second in chips behind Daniel Park. However, with 98 big blinds to his name, Foxen had plenty of room to maneuver on December 22.

As Park’s stack yoyoed, Foxen chipped away at those around him. By the time Jonathan Jaffe and Park had fallen, it was the American’s title for the taking.

Well in control with four left, Foxen sat back as Seth Davis eliminated Peter Neff. From there, it was full steam ahead for the champion-elect.

Despite pressure from Toby Joyce, Foxen ousted Davis with A♥Q♥ versus A♣5♣. That hand signaled the start of the end.

WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Result

1st: Alex Foxen – $1,694,995

2nd: Toby Joyce – $1,120,040

3rd: Seth Davies – $827,285

4th: Peter Neff – $617,480

5th: Danny Park – $465,780

6th: Jonathan Jaffe – $355,125

Within ten hands, the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic was over. In the end, Joyce was forced to commit his stack with J♥9♣.

With the board showing J♣5♠3♦K♣, Foxen moved all-in with Ac Js. Holding a pair, Joyce had to call and pray for a nine on the river.

That card never came. Instead, the 4♣ completed the board and that made Alex Foxen the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic champion.


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